Thursday, January 30

Cromätica Models takes us into alternate history with their new series of Torpedo fighters in 72nd ( and maybe 48th) scale..

...Coming to you from a time that never happened - Cromätica Models from Spain bring us the Ükhron War and rocket and jet fighters from three sides of the battle. It seems Kursk just spurred the Germans on…We have some details and future plans from the people at Cromätica in today’s news

Cromätica Models are a brand new boutique model making brand made up of three creators - José García who is an aeronautical engineer, Jiang Wei Li who is a telecommunications engineer, and Jesús Gómez who is a graphic designer and web developer. Jesus has just recently quit his job and devoted all of his time into the new project which is a shared vision between these three modellers. They want to live out their passions and bring these sci-fi kits out.

While the nature of this alternative reality and futuristic design of this kit hints at several different versions of each aircraft from each base kit, the boxart seen on their website is a preliminary sketch of their first planned release – we have some scant details and pictures to follow…

The first kit depicts the ÜkhronMaschinenKrieger 243 ausf A. - Also known as Torpedo Luftkriger.

"Torpedo Luftkrieger"
From: Cromätica Models
Scale: 1/72nd - with possible 1/48th to come
Injection moulded plastic & possible Photo etched parts
Tentative release end of May-June 2014
We thought we would show you some more pictures and info on the kits planned by Cromätica.

All the kits in this series were depicted in the "Ükhron War" series. The Ükhron war is a sci-fi story which would start around 1943 and which tells about the efforts Germans to change the course of the war after the battle of Kursk. The background story is based on an idea by Jesus and will be written in cooperation with Alex Kumer, a professional writer friend of the team. Cromätica want to give their followers a credible "what if" scenario where these machines could have really existed.

 A section view of “Luftkrieger” with rocket launchers and twin jet engines.
In this particular case and for this particular aircraft, we were looking for a modular flying machine which could combine the vertical taking off and landing, so that it would not require any track or airfield for this task. In our sci-fi story, this feature, would allow the Germans to hide easily their new planes as well as adding new parts in fuselage by adding or removing ventral rings, depending on the purpose of the mission to be done. The small and removable wings would also ease its transportation, storage and hide out in small hangars and other places like caves.

The kit could undergo some variations in its final version, depending on the point mentioned before. One of the variations includes jet engines in the wings similar to a Me-262 and a rocket launcher in the nose like the “Natter” rocket interceptor.

The very appealing looking cockpit cover with it's distinctive windshield in development
A cutaway view of the model in the early stages of the development. Cromätica are currently working on improving the cockpit and the landing gear.
Cromätica plan to release at least a set of 6 to 8 miniatures in a first series of these alternative history kits, all in 1/72nd scale. This scale was chosen because of the large expense of the moulds – BUT plans could be drawn if the petitions to release the kits in 1/48th scale keep coming in.
The trio are considering seriously the possibility going to crowd funding to speed up the process and offer our fans the chance to get the item in this larger scale as well. This is difficult to set up but it does put the model makers directly in touch with their audience.

 Some of the model mock ups so far showing you how they go together a little easier..
If you ask us it is a very sensible way for limited releases like this to be sure of their market before the money is spent on the typical “We want it all” approach by the modellers out there who don’t end up buying after their attention drifts off to something more immediate– c’mon you know who you all are! I know I am guilty of just this behaviour..

The planned second model in the collection if all goes well - The Allied medium fighter.
A bottoms-up! view of the Allied medium fighter.
Soviet colours for Cromätica’s Allied Medium Fighter their third release..
Cromätica Models look like a small but enthusiastic and creative team of model makers with a lot of potential – check out their Website or their Facebook page -  there is a lot here so far and more to come so check this out as your first point of call.

Adam norenberg