Wednesday, January 29

Zactoman helps the Sea Flanker be all it can be in 48th scale

If you are a follower of Chris Wilson (a.k.a Zactoman) on several forums and his website will know that this man is a very good model maker. He sells the very best in resin corrections and now he has joined forces with a new company called “Aviation Art” to make the very best “in the world” 1/48th scale Su-33 Sea Flanker. Let’s see what the story is so far on this kit…

Late last year Chris was approached by a new company called “Aviation Art.” They wanted to do the best all new-tool Sukhoi Su-33 Sea Flanker they could possibly make to sell to modellers – and they knew that Chris was THE man to speak to. Chris is known to most modellers as “Zactoman” and for his very impressive resin add-ons and corrections to many US but mainly Russian jets. Allegedly his work has even been copied for new tooling improvements to their own kits by certain model makers (– and I say “allegedly”) He is universally respected in the business. He has been tasked to help develop the first kit for this promising new company.

Here are some of the Vital statistics of this aircraft in real life:
Russian Navy Sukhoi Su-33
Carrier-based air defence fighter
National origin: Russia
Designed by: Sukhoi group
Built by: KnAAPO
Introduction   31 August 1998 (official)[3]
Primary user: Russian Navy
Number built 24 (approx.)
Developed from the Sukhoi Su-27
OK that is the real aircraft - now the kit’s features that we have so far…
  • Total parts count: TBA
  • Price: TBA
  • Release Date :TBA
  • Markings: TBA.
...So not much on that front BUT we do know some things about the kit – quite a few bits actually..
  • Includes photo-etch details,
  • Options for wings, stabs and pitot folded and extended
  • Separate flaps, slats and control surfaces,
  • FOD doors open or closed,
  • Bypass vents under intakes open or closed.
  • Full load of weapons and wingtip Sorbtsiya pods.
  • Missiles will be moulded whole such as the GWH MiG-29 (Archers will include separate exhaust and photo-etch for the tiny front fins).
  • Proposed weapons included total: 4 Alamo-C, 4 Alamo-D, 4 Archer & 2 Sorbtsiya pods.
  • Future follow-on kit of the Chinese version, the Shenyang J-15.
Here are some updated CAD images. A bunch of small but significant changes have been made since the original CADs were posted. We would show you the latest pics first and then earlier developmental work… These CAD drawings are not final. There are still changes being made.
We have a bunch of CAD images of the aircraft in Development in earlier stages of development - more pictures here and much has changed but we thought you would like to see them..
In addition to the box art and CAD's there are lots of information – and many questions that can all be found over at ARC’s forums:

We will keep you updated on the details of this (due to be one of THE kits of the year we think) as we have it.