Wednesday, January 22

Not a fan of the turret? Well we have the perfect magazine for you - Panzer Aces 44 Preview

Turret-less killers are the focus of  the new “Panzer Aces” magazine no #44 – That means all of the most popular of Germany’s monsters like the Jagdpanther, StuG, Ferdinand and the massive Jagdtiger get the fine modelling treatment in the latest of the boutique magazine style. We have some preview images and info for you..


Available in English/Spanish & French
Available at your nearest hobbyshop or Direct from the publishers
€ 11.00

Let’s see what is in store in Issue No. 44 of this popular mag…This month dedicated to turretless terrors of the Third Reich.
Sd.Kfz. 173 Jagdpanther in 1/48 scale
The model of the Tamiya Jagdpanther lends itself to multiple interpretations and colourschemes. José Luis López offers one of the most common but attractive of these schemes on this giant tank killer – showing his talent with his impeccable use of the latest techniques make it a piece of great interest.

Sd.Kfz. Ferdinand 184, 1/35 scale
One of the most feared German tank destroyers and very technically advanced for its time, The Ferdinand did not get the results expected by their hasty deployment at Kursk for “Operation Zitadelle” Mario Gabas has recreated, the charisma of vehicle with a strong accent of realism that been perfectly captured here while undertaking the Zitadelle Operation.

Sturmgeschütz Hybrid III, 1/35 scale
A rare kit obtained by mixing parts of different vehicles to recreate a Stug III. This unusual kit by Jari Hemilä is pretty much a unique piece and a very interesting creation.

Sd.Kfz. Sturmgeschütz IV 167, 1/35 scale
Alejandro Quintana shows how to improve an old StuG IV kit from Tamiya using a welding tool and putty to recreate zimmerit texture. Alejandro gives us a distinctive camouflage imitating forest shadows which adds some realism but for the final “coup de gras” adds many sets and accessories such as sets from Aber, Eduard and Lionroar or thin styrene sheet.

Modelling lessons: Applying and fixing pigments.
Several type of paint can make various finishes and textures on any model kit, with just the right variation of application and fixing system you can bring your own unique charisma to your vehicle’s finish - as we show you in this article.
This issue is available now - you can order Panzer Aces 44 directly from the publishers at this link.