Friday, January 24

Stalingrad’s big new set of Early Germans invades hobby stores.

Shhh- hear that? It’s “Ze Germans” – and they are coming! Thanks largely to Stalingrad Miniatures who have carved this large set of ten German infantrymen doing what they do – with the pictures that inspired their creation -  in today’s preview…

New figures now available from Stalingrad Miniatures:
# 3060 - German Infantry in action, Big Set
This set of ten Germans (19440-43) is available as separate figures – so we will go through them briefly in our preview – along with the images that brought on their creation by the master sculptor of Stalingrad Miniatures Mr Alexander Zelenkov.

These figures – each one of them – comes with a set of extra equipment that is included with it so you can change the look of your solider to theatre and tastes – They are all summer/spring informs they have on – but it is great to have this inclusion..
The picture shows these series of soldiers in a slit trench under heavy fire somewhere in Russia…This and the others here influenced Alexander when he sculpted these men.
# 3061 – German Infantryman
This very typical looking infantryman looks very eastern front early Barbarossa – he is clearly young by the look of his well sculpted face – he holds at the firing position his Kar.98 rifle and strapped to his regulation tunic is his “y” pattern braces with gas mask, bread bag, canteen, entrenching tool and bayonet in it’s scabbard.
He also has heaps of extra ammo hanging off his belt with a stick grenade tucked into his belt and in his jackboot.
Here he is without paint…

# 3062 - German Infantryman
This soldier is either having a dance on his knees or he is just about to throw his stick grenade into a hornet’s nest.
Again seen in a summer tunic with steel M40 helmet he is influenced by this picture of the soldiers clearing a village in the east.
Seen with a full set of accessories of the soldiers of the time – he has braces with gas mask, bread bag, canteen, entrenching tool and bayonet and extra ammo hanging off his belt for his rifle which isn’t seen here – actually not sure if it is supplied.

Here he is without paint…

# 3063 - German MG team (2 figures)
Sold as a pair these light machine gun team are seen using a temporary firing position sometimes employed on the go by soldiers not having cover or the time to mount the machine gun. They are both in summer fatigues with the gunner especially carrying some neat machine gun related pouches.
You can see here two pictures of this type of firing position in action – good for small engagements where there is tall fields – but not for too long or his assistant will get a hot shoulder!

Here they are without paint…

# 3064 - German Infantry NCO
Their NCO/ officer is peering at a target in the distance with his field optics - he has the solver braid of a junior officer of the German army and some medals on his tunic to clearly visible. He carries a limited range of equipment – just a bread bag, gas mask and flask with binocular case.
This picture – and the one in the figure before clearly influenced this sculpt – his slight lean off to the left as in this picture is visible.

Here he is without paint…

# 3065 - German Infantryman
Seen at the crouch – this gunner assistant is loaded up with ammo for the MG 34 machine gun his comrades are operating – see how his jackboots peel back with the ground as his feet rest there?  His young chubby cheeks and baggy pants give him a really small look that fit his role very well.
Here is the inspiration – a soldier looking on and trying to find a safe path forward
Here he is without paint…

# 3066 - German Infantryman
This early war infantryman is prone to the deck looking on into the distance with his comrades leaning on his “Soldier’s bride” – his KaR.98. You can see in this picture German soldiers in just such a position trying to cross a bridge – looking intently on whilst keeping low to the deck..
And some other soldiers in a ditch, trying to advance as safely as they can.
Here he is without paint…

# 3067 - German Infantryman
Aiming and firing his rifle this soldier means business – he carries a KaR.98 which he is firing as well as the standard issue – bread bag, gas mask and bayonet.

Here he is without paint…

# 3068 - German Infantryman
This German infantryman is seen couching behind cover with a little surprise for “Ivan” in his hands in the shape of a stick grenade.
There are two pictures with German soldiers in a similar pose – hiding behind cover in readyment to attack again…
Here he is without paint… His Bayonet on his rifle and full equipment pack including canteen, gas mask, entrenching tool, water bottle and spare ammo make him look pretty ready for the fight.

# 3069 - German Infantryman
This soldier is a natural match for the officer/NCO earlier in this set – he is seen leaning off to the side peering around the corner looking for the enemy holding his rifle at the ready…
Here he is without paint… you can see he has the full set of equipment again either water bottle and canteen and bread bag with spare ammo on his belt. Interesting the little variances – he has shoes with pants over them not boots.
They are available now (singularly or as a big set) - You can see where you can pick yours up from on the web-site