Thursday, January 23

MiniArt tries not to go off the rails with their two new kits – It looks like we need an extension..

In a lot of ways MiniArt are living up to their slogan of “Always Innovate” – with their new 72nd and 16th scale figures and dioramas, their vac-form based scenery kits and now new tooled vehicles which no one else wanted to do but changing the game and doing them very well – they sure are doing what they set out to achieve – now their second injection moulded tram is on time and on track to arrive early this year (ohh and those wanting extra track we have something for you..)

MiniArt’s new 204 releases in progress
BOX: 345x240x100 mm
Kit contains 625 parts.
This kit is very much like their other “European tram” that they have released to some rapture from modellers late last year. The kit contains one German  tram with base and tram supports so you have a ready-made station to place it on. Nothing extra needed…

Model details:
·    The first plastic model of the tram in 1/35 scale.
·    Highly detailed model. Size of tram  299 x 63 x 95 mm
·    Decal is included
·    Kit contains 625 parts
·    Kit includes tram supports
·    Base with tram line is included. Size of base 320x223mm
·    All New Tooling. State of the art engineering utilising slide mould technology.
·    Fully detailed interior
·    All doors can be assembled open or closed
·    Highly detailed chassis

The Sprues (some of these are multiples)
The base with power cables and lamps
The glasshouse..
Marking Choices
Completed model Photos

Kit No: 36057
 BOX: 345x240x60 mm
This kits contains 68 parts.
So just when you panicked and thought that one line of track isn’t enough then you can get this kit of two  (2) sections as well as the one which comes with your tram for a total of THREE laid out sections of tram lines. These suit the “European Tram” as well (must be the same gauge) anyway this and the two new tram kits will have model public transport railroaders counting rivets shaking their heads and military modellers jumping for joy!

Sprues the power cables and lamps
The bases

The street furnishings

Both of these kits will be available from MiniArt within the next month