Friday, January 10

“Welcome to the Jungle – we got captured game” – and other stories from Masterbox

Masterbox have two new kits coming out in this coming month of January. – one of them is set in the steamy jungles of Indo-china – the other – on the eastern front during WWII. They look pretty good from the box artwork – but what can we expect inside the box? Well let’s have a look in our preview…

 Masterbox New releases - January 2014

ITEM NO: 3595
SCALE: 1:35th
“Jungle Patrol, Vietnam War series” - The kit represents the group of the US military men of the time of the Vietnam War in the 1960’s
Heavily laden with gear, flak jackets and weapons these figures look like they are scouting the jungle – and then their “lootenant” sees something…
The five figures are all placed on one sprue – with two of these figures as a “multipose” construction where you can swap out parts to give them a different appearance. They look like they are weighed down with gear.
This gear is the subject of their second sprue – it encompasses everything these soldiers carry. Three M-16 rifles and a third with a grenade launcher, and M79 grenade launcher as well as all their helmets, webbing, pistols, knives, packs and everything else you can think of them carrying. This really is a full pack!
The kit consists of:
- 2 Sprues
- Sprue #1 contains the set of the parts for the assembly of 4 figures
- Sprue #2 contains the set of the parts with the equipment and weapons.

ITEM NO: 3583
SCALE: 1:35th
“German Elite Infantry, Eastern Front, WW II era” – The group of the German military men from the Elite Infantry in Nazi Germany is shown in the artwork. They have got their night’s dinner – It appears that their goose is cooked!
…Well maybe a pheasant – maybe some chickens – but there are two chickens, some water melon and some apples as the spoil for these soldiers as they share a less tense moment on the Eastern front. The “dinner” birds are very detailed – you can even see the feather pattern on them as they hang lifeless.
The five enclosed soldiers are seen with SS camouflage smocks on over their uniform tunics and a variety of helmets and side arms. The second sprue contains a very special selection of every type of firearm the Germans employed – from Light MG 34 Machine guns KaR.98 and machine pistols, sniper rifles and even captured Russian machine guns and the MP44 Assault rifles. 
Not only weapons but equipment like bread bags, canteens gas mask canisters, entrenching tools, grenades and various packs are included as well as several pistols. There are really two kits in here – this is an excellent set.
The kit consists of:
- 2 sprues
- Sprue #1 contains the parts for the assembly of 5 figures
- Sprue #2 contains the set of the German weapons
These two figure sets should be available in Masterbox’s Distributors by the end of the month.