Saturday, January 11

Zotz Decal’s 1/48th scale French Jaguar As in Kosovo decal Preview

Eli from Zotz has been nice enough to send us heaps of pictures of the real aircraft along with the very nice looking decal sheet profiles he has made for his new and extensive sheet covering the French Jaguar AS in the Kosovo conflict. If you like the Jag then this1/48th decal sheet is for you

Zotz - French Jaguar AS in Kosovo
Available now – directly from Zotz

Zotz has teamed up with Oliver Pinsolle and Jean-Lois Gaynecoetche to bring this new set of decals to you – they cover ten of the Jaguars sent to keep the peace in the Kosovo conflict in 48th scale to match the lovely new KittyHawk kit.
There are ten aircraft included in this package – so there are more than enough to keep most ardent French Jaguar fans happy. Jags from Esc 1.7 Chasse Provence and Esc3/7 Languedoc are featured in this release. The decals include all the stenciling you need and the cool nose art as well.

Eli has been kind enough to send us pictures of each of them as well – so you can see for yourself what you might be modelling in the near future. In this preview ill try to go thru them ( kind of) numerically…

Jag A122 7-I "Joker"
Jag A127 7-IP (no aircraft name)
Jag A131 7-IR Laser Belle + Jag A150 7-IT Treviso Bomba +Jag A135 7-IU Lady Eleven
Jag A131 7-IR Laser Belle
Jag A150 7-IT Treviso Bomba
Jag A135 7-IU Lady Eleven
Jag A144 7-IF Belgrade express!!
Jag A148 7-IK Sharkmouth

Jag A158 7-IA Sweet Anita
Jag A 160 7-HS Ciao Salamandra

Jag A 160 7-IH Sogno di “Bozo” (dream of "bozo")
These decals are now available for a measly 20 bucks (+P&P) – that’s US$2 a scheme! You can’t get much better than that – especially if you have 9 mates with the same kit!

If you want one of these decal sets then contact Zotz and they will arrange your very own