Thursday, March 13

An identity crisis at Hasegawa as they try out models that think they are something else with their new kits of May

We have some confused modelling genres for you in today’s preview - ships that are aircraft , planes that shoot torpedoes  and a helicopter that thinks it is an aeroplane in amongst some great new items for May from Hasegawa – some great new kits and limited edition stuff.

 New items from Hasegawa in May...

1/72 Mitsubishi G3M3 Nell Bomber Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
122 pieces
Age 14+
In accordance with the expansionist policies of Imperial Japan, the G3M was designed for maximum range and speed. It was intended to project Japanese power from bases in Japan to the Asian mainland and out into the Pacific. Maxing out the range and speed of the "Nell", however, entailed not including protective armour or self-sealing fuel tanks. This lack of protection led to the G3M and the subsequent G4M being excessively vulnerable to damage. This limited edition kit features new torpedo parts and decals for five aircraft.
Decal Options:
I.J.N. 1st N.F.G. Code: Z-325 Extra marking code: Z-322, Z-323, Z-326
I.J.N. 1001st N.F.G. Code: 01-64

1/48 Mitsubishi T-2 F-1 Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
159 pieces
Age 14+
Inspired by the SEPECAT Jaguar, the Mitsubishi T-2 was the first Japanese aircraft to break the sound barrier in level flight. After their 1975 debut, T-2s became popular for their role in "Blue Impulse" aerobatic stunt shows. Until their 2006 retirement, two-seat T-2s were often painted to resemble single-seat, camo-clad F-1 fighters in simulated combat. This limited edition kit features three decal options.
Decal Options:
J.A.S.D.F. 3rd AW 3rd SQ Code: 186
J.A.S.D.F. 4th AW 21st SQ Code: 191
J.A.S.D.F. 4th AW 22nd SQ Code: 190, 192

1/72 F-104J F-104DJ Starfighter Combo (2 kits) Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
101 / 114 pieces
Age 14+
For twenty years, the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force flew the Starfighter. A Mitsubishi®-built dual-control trainer, the F-104DJ, served with particular distinction. These specially made two-seat aircraft were used to train pilots from seven different JASDF squadrons, including the 207th Hikotai. Training in these aircraft allowed pilots of the F-104J air-superiority fighter to keep Japan's airspace clear. Following two decades of supersonic glory, the starfighter was retired in 1986. This limited edition kit combo features an F-104J and a F-104DJ with a total of four decal marking options. 
Decal Options:
J.A.S.D.F. 83 A.W. 207SQ. Code: 46-8655 Air Combat Meet 1984
J.A.S.D.F. 83 A.W. 207SQ. Code: 46-8635 Air Combat Meet 1983
J.A.S.D.F. 83 A.W. 207SQ. Code: 36-5017 Air Combat Meet 1983 (Practice)
J.A.S.D.F. 83 A.W. 207SQ. Code: 46-5008 Air Combat Meet 1983 (Practice)

1/48 Nakajima KI43-III Hayabusa Oscar Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
82 pieces
Age 14+
In side profile, the Ki-43 looked exactly like the Japanese Zero. Both planes were light, fast and lethal, but it was the Ki-43 which shot down the most Allied aircraft. The plane's high speed and manoeuvrability made it a favourite of several Japanese Army Air Force aces, but its lack of armour made it vulnerable to counter fire. The Ki-43-III was an experimental design which used a larger engine and drop tanks to extend the fighter's range. Limited edition kit features resin engine parts and two IJAAF decals from 1945. 
Decal Options:
I.J.A.A.F. 65th F.R. Metabaru A.F. Aug., 1945
I.J.A.A.F. 204th F.R. Code: 01 Taiwan Aug., 1945

1/72 F-16BM Fighting Falcon Test Support Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
97 pieces
Age 14+
The F-16BM is the result of a Mid-Life Update package developed by the USAF and European Partner Air Forces. The Royal Danish Air Force initially received 61 F-16BMs; within a few years, it received a second shipment with 59 more aircraft. Some surplus F-16BMs were sold to Pakistan, Chile and Jordan; others became Joint Strike Fighter test support aircraft for the newer F-35 Lightning II.
Decal Option:
Danish A.F. 461st FTS Code: ET210

1/72 MV-22B Osprey VMM-162 Golden Eagles Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
140 pieces
Age 14+
The latest US Marine Corps troop transport, the MV-22B Osprey combines the functions of a heli with the speed and range of a turboprop airplane. In 2006, Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 162 (VMM-162) became the USMC's second operational Osprey squadron. Also known as the "Golden Eagles," VMM-162's achievements have included carrying U.S. Presidential candidates through Iraq in 2008 and helping Haiti after its tragic 2010 earthquake. This limited edition kit features display stand parts.
Decal Option:
U.S. Marine VMM-162 "Golden Eagles" Code: YS01, YS00

1/72 Shinmeiwa US-1 Rescue Ivory Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
137 pieces
Age 14+
Like the earlier PS-1, the US-1 and US-1A are STOL (Short Take-off and Landing) aircraft. From 1976-1999, the US-1A saved 550 lives in 500+ rescue missions. Shin Meiwa only built six US-1s and fourteen US-1As for the JMSDF in all, but they're still being flown today! This limited edition kit features resin parts. However, while the PS-1 featured on-board beaching gear for anti-submarine warfare, the US-1 and US-1A are amphibious search-and-rescue aircraft.
Decal Options:
US-1A : J.M.S.D.F. 71st SQ Code: 9090
US-1 : J.M.S.D.F. Code: 9071

1/72 F-15SG Strike Eagle Singapore Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
166 pieces
Age 14+
The F-15 Strike Eagle has one of the most storied histories of any currently operational American fighter aircraft. These fighters served with distinction in the Middle East, and its broad range of mission profiles encouraged Singapore to import it for use in their Air Force. Twenty-four of these aircraft have been purchased by Singapore so far. This limited edition kit features new antenna parts and decals for two Singapore Air Force aircraft.
Decal Option:
Singapore A.F. Code: 8320
Singapore A.F. Code: 8302

1/72 P-38J Lightning & B-26B/C Marauder Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
63 / 174 pieces
Age 14+
For Operation Overlord, the Allies needed total dominance of the sea, the land and the air. For the sea the Allies relied on the Royal Navy. To clear both air and land, the Allies had the Lightning and the Marauder. Lightnings were capable of shredding enemy planes with their heavy armament, perfect for clearing the skies over France. The B-26 Marauder was ideal for mid-level bombing of strategic targets including railheads, V-2 sites and gathering points for troops.
P-38 Decal Options:
P-38J-25 : U.S.A.A.F. 370th FG 485th FS Maj.Sabo Code: 7F-S 1944
P-38J : U.S.A.A.F. 370th FG 401st FS Code: 9D-F 1944
B-26 Decal Options:
B-26C-25 : U.S.A.A.F. 386th BG 555th BS YA-V: SEXY BETSY June 1944
B-26C-15 : U.S.A.A.F. 386th BG 553rd BS AN-L: The Yankee Guerilla 1944

1/700 German Sub U-boat Aces Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
17 / 17 pieces
Age 14+
The exploits of fighter pilots during WWII are flashy and well documented. By comparison, the efforts of U-Boat crews during the war are little talked about. This set honours four of the war's most effective U-Boat commanders. Together, Schnee, Topp, Merten and Emmermann sank well more than 500,000 tons of Allied shipping. Their skill, luck and the qualities of their boats were so great that all four also survived the war. Limited edition kit combo features two types of submarine with decals for the vessels of the four U-Boat "Aces".
Type VIIC Decal Options:
German Navy U-201 Kapitänleutnant Adalbert Schnee
German Navy U-552 Oberleutnant Erich Topp 7.U-Flotille
Type IXC Decal Options:
German Navy U-68 Korvettenkapitän Karl-Friedrich Merten
German Navy U-172 Kapitänleutnant Carl Emmermann

1/200 VC-25A Air Force One Limited Edition
Skill Level 3
68 pieces
Age 14+
"Air Force One" is technically any airplane that the President boards; but with the VC-25A, this call sign has a more distinct definition. This Boeing® aircraft is a modified 747, equipped with telephones, televisions, two galleys, med center and more-all topping the price out at $325 million per. Everything has to be state-of-the-art for the Head-of-State. Along with this tech-heavy bird, a squadron of fighters and a horde of cargo planes travel with the President wherever he goes. Limited Edition kit features decals for both "Air Force One" aircraft.
Decal Option:
U.S.A.F. "Air Force One" Code: 28000, 29000

All of these kits can be found thru Hasegawa’s Distributors worldwide.