Friday, March 14

Dragon make tracked FlaK with their latest German AFV in 35th scale

To complement their long list of German halftracks Dragon bring us their newest addition to their kit – the up armoured and up gunned 3.7cm FlaK 43 auf Sd.Kfz.7/2 kit which will fill in a lot of people’s collections – and now you can shelve that Trumpeter kit you have been avoiding making….

1/35th scale
Box Size: 9.8" x 15" x 3.1"
Dragon has released several members of the Sd.Kfz.7 8-ton halftrack family, but up till now one variant has been absent. Dragon is thus pleased to announce a 1/35 scale kit of an Sd.Kfz.7 with 3.7cm Flak 43 antiaircraft gun. The range already includes halftracks with 3.7cm Flak 36 and Flak 37 cannons, so this one is a little more unique. It is essentially an Sd.Kfz.7/2 type and includes the armoured cab with 8mm-thick plates as seen on previous kits. 
The newer gun can be traversed 360 degrees by hand, and the Flak 43 had an elevation range of -10 degrees to +90 degrees. The crew comprised seven men – the commander, driver and five gunners. Some 120 rounds of ammunition were carried on the vehicle, while another 432 rounds could be stowed in a special trailer. Sd.Kfz.7/2 systems were produced by Germany beginning in 1942, and from late 1943, instead of the usual open cab, a number of antiaircraft halftracks were supplied with a cab protected by 8mm-thick armor plate. These vehicles served in Luftwaffe flak units.
This kit includes the armoured cab as well as a magnificently detailed 3.7cm Flak 43 cannon. The associated gun shield of the weapon is made out of metal so as to achieve true scale thickness. The brackets by which the shield attaches to the gun are also brand new. Moreover the gun mount of this anti-aircraft gun is also new! 
The drop-sides on the rear fighting platform can be modelled upright for transport, or folded down for an in-action diorama. The halftrack and cannon are of the highest quality, so this vehicle with armoured cab and new weapon is indeed a welcome addition to Dragon’s Sd.Kfz.7 family.

Model Features:
Armoured shield on gun can be assembled for travel/combat
Dropsides and tailgate can be folded down for better crew access
Gun can traverse 360 degrees
Detailed photo-etched catcher for spent shells
Slide-moulded one-piece gun barrel w/hollow muzzle
Newly designed gun shield can be assembled in combat or travel mode
Ammunition box can be erected/ stowed
Newly tooled photo-etched gun shield w/support brackets
Gunner’s sight cover on photo-etched shield can be raised/lowered
Newly designed gun mount w/well-defined detail
Newly designed gun mount locks for 3.7cm Flak
Detailed gearbox has multipart assembly
Brake drums have detail on both sides
6-cylinder engine represented by multiple parts
Delicate engine housing
Intricately detailed internal mechanical components: engine, gearbox, fuel tank, compressed-air tank, suspension, exhaust and winch
Slide moulds enable one-piece chassis frame w/support-brace detail
Two options provided for customization – one-piece angled plate or overhanging cab armour plate
Front window armour plates w/photo-etched parts can be assembled open/closed
Driver’s and vehicle commander’s hatches can be assembled open/closed
Detailed winch spool has bolt and rib detail
Rear crossbeam w/roller and trailer coupling depicted like the real one
Two types of front armour plates provided as options
Sharply reproduced on-vehicle tools
Full detailed steering mechanism
Suspension system as per the real vehicle; slide-molded suspension arms and springs w/delicate detail
Accurately shaped front fenders made from 2-directional slide molds
Different road wheels rendered w/delicate detail on both sides
Front wheels made from DS have authentic tire tread pattern
Sprocket w/realistic ribbed detail
Photo-etched flange around sprocket wheel hub
Wing mirror realistically presented
Final-drive housing made from separate parts with bolt and rib detail
Optional headlamps provided
Magic Tracks for German halftrack reproduced
Reinforced track links
For more info on this kit and others – head on over to Dragon’s site to read up on what’s going on..