Wednesday, March 19

Verlinden's 3 new items for March 2014 - a large scale AA gun, A demolished dio piece and some yanks on a surge

have three new kits for March which are due to interest three different types of modeller-Modern combat, a destroyed city diorama base in 1/35th and a 1/16th anti-aircraft gun for the larger scale guys. And they are on sale right now as well. Let’s have a look.

March 2014 items from Verlinden.

Item No: 2783
13x13 CM
Regular Price: $36.95
Special Price: $33.26
This all resin base measures 13cm x 13cm and features a wrecked cityscape corner – complete with a European style roughly cobbled street and a large wall section destroyed and broken and fallen onto the roadside. This would suit particularly any WWII or WWI scale diorama – to us we can see the soldiers peering around the corner right now.

Item No:2784
Regular Price: $17.95
Special Price: $16.16
This all resin kit contains parts to create the 2 figures that depict modern soldiers in the Iraqi surge that in effect ended the war (we think) in Iraq. The prone soldier on the ground is seen gesturing to the side and he carries a Remington sniper rifle while his comrade carries some heavy support in the shape of an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) He could well be the spotter for the sniper or just a member of the unit.

Item No:2785
Regular Price: $99.95
Special Price: $89.96
This large scale 37mm FlaK cannon to me most closely resembles a 3.7 cm Flak 18/36 anti-aircraft gun. This all resin kit is finely cast with extra ammo and as you can see here it is a good looking kit just in need of some gunners!

These kits are currently on introduction sale price on Verlinden’s Webstore.