Wednesday, March 19

Zis cannon needs a diorama - and now we have one! MiniArt's latest in today's preview

MiniArt get creative with their latest kit – combining the trusty ZIS-3 and figures with an all-new base to create a one stop shop new diorama-  let’s have a look..

MiniArt’s latest kit announcement.
BOX: 345x240x60 mm
This kits contains 151 parts.
This – an all-new diorama setting from MiniArt combines a base they have made from their trademark Vac-form plastic with their previous  kit № 35032 Soviet 76,2mm Zis-3 Gun W/Crew. You can make yourself up a really dramatic setting with these figures and base.  We think it looks good so far – so we thought you would like to see the sprues and the built and painted model.
The base diorama parts
Shells (x6)
Gun sprues (x2)
 Figure sprue...

And here they are all put together - pretty cool looking scenario - i can see them being charged by a tiger tank can't you?
This and all of MiniArt’s kits can be found at their website..