Thursday, April 24

Dennis Oliver's second StuG book is abut to assault the shelves of your LHS

Dennis Oliver Publishing
 has a new title in the second of the popular StuG Series about to be released, and we thought we would give you a quick preview of what is coming from these well respected publishing house…

Oliver Publishing Group’s new release:
STUG: Assault Gun Units In The East, Bagration to Berlin, Volume II
At last the second and final part of the StuG series is almost ready for the printers and in fact we're just waiting for the photos from Russia to complete the project.
The second and final part of STUG: Assault Gun Units in the East. In volume 1 The Oliver Publishing Group covered the independent StuG Battalions and the Panzerjaeger companies attached to Infantry divisions equipped with the StuG III and IV and in this book we examine the units of the Waffen SS, the Luftwaffe and the Panzer divisions - some of which contained mixed battalions of tanks and assault guns.

Prof. Yuri Shepelev - who is a massive armour fan and a very nice guy, has been able to access the photos at the St Petersburg State Archives. 

Many of these photos haven't been seen outside Russia so Dennis is saying that  they are worth the wait. 

Copies of the book will be available in the first weeks of May and can be ordered direct from ADH Publishing, or............

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