Friday, April 25

Review: Barracuda Studios two new Tempest/ Typhoon improvements blow in....

Have a Typhoon or Tempest in 32nd scale and want to do a little improving? Well if you are in the market for this kit or have it on the bench Barracuda Studios has some great stuff out now to improve two very prominent parts of your new model…

The PCM Tempest Mk.V is a very nice and accurate injection moulded kit. It is a short run kit, but with a little extra attention, it can be built into a superb replica. Roy's love for the Tempest runs deep, so he have come up with a number of quick and easy upgrades to make it really shine. The intake ring and seat are very visible components, so Barracudas new resin parts add real bang for the buck. Let's have a look at them..

In today’s news we will show you two of the improvements for the new Tempest kit from PCM that can be used in all 32nd scale Tempests and typhoons. These parts are both made from a single part of cream resin and both have a small casting block to be separated from. The seat is no problem and an easy removal but the intake ring will require some care. Barracuda have thoughtfully made some space between the part and the casting block so you can get a saw into.
Let’s have a look at them a little more closely with pictures of the original to compare them to.

Typhoon, Tempest Mk V Intake Ring
1:32 Scale
1 part in cream resin
For the PCM Tempest V and other Tempest kits for the 32nd Revell Typhoon.
US $3.95 directly from Barracuda Studios
This set consists of one piece of cream resin – no bubbles anywhere and the edges are really very thin. This resin carburettor intake duct and shroud has no seam and it was designed by Kerry Carlyle for Barracuda Studios.
You can see here from this part how much of a better part this resin replacement is. The PCM kit’s “carby” is pretty rudimentary in comparison – and considering that the nose is just so prominent in the Typhoon/Tempest it really is a pretty good idea to spring the $3.95 for this kit. It cost probably the same as a tin of paint you might use..
Although it is meant for the Tempest V it was also fitted to many Typhoons and other Tempest V kits so again it’s a good reason to grab one – I have convinced myself already!
This picture - taken from Barracuda Studios website backs up what i was saying about the superior detail on this replacement

Typhoon and Tempest Seat with Backpad
1:32 Scale
1 part in cream resin
For the PCM Tempest V and other Tempest kits for the 32nd Revell Typhoon.
US$ 6.95 directly from Barracuda Studios

This single part in cream resin represents a seat that could be used in early or late Typhoons or Tempests. It is a replacement that drops right into the PCM Tempest V and other Tempest kits. This seat I suppose can also be used in the Revell car door type Typhoon – and at first look it would be a massive improvement and very visible one at that.
There were several seat used in the long career and many marques of the Tempest and Typhoon. This seat was common to all variants of these aircraft the metal frame with round metal struts bridging the back and a few springs crossing the frame as well. This I suppose gave the plot some flex while the pilot’s back was cushioned by a criss-crossed cushioned back pillow. The pilot usually sat on their parachute so the bottom of the chair was bare metal.
This Resin seat is attached to a pouring block which is an easy thing to remove as it is on the underside of the seat. The resin is bubble free and the thinness of the metal frame is impressive. Thing but not too delicate that it might break with all of the natural strengthening of the seat’s actual structure.

Some good ( but hard to find) pictures of the quilted seat pad and chair really show the detail Barracuda has brought to the kit.
What strikes you right away is the quilting on the pad of the chair. The criss-cross shapes and stitching is very delicately done with some other excellent stitching and the edges are stretched onto the metal frame.
The open seat back and supporting springs/struts very visible on the rear of the chair as well and  they are just like the original – it really looks like Roy has had some great pictures of the original being restored as this is the only way you would even know about the details..
 This picture - taken from Barracuda Studios website - showing the resin on the left and the original kit part on the right just backs up what i was saying about the superior detail on this replacement..
These are a no-brainer as they are beautifully detailed and almost cryin’ out to be painted - and so cheap as to make it silly for you not to have them.

Adam Norenberg

Thanks to Roy at Barracuda Studios for sending these to review..

If you like these you should also look at the then don’t forget Barracudas 3 Tempest wheels sets, released back in August. These are big improvements over the kit parts as well, and allow you to build any Tempest V, from the Series I to Post-war kites.