Wednesday, April 2

Italeri almost put D-Day on hold..well almost...

Among their slew of D-Day commemorative releases come two new and colourful big birds in Italeri’s April releases….
 Italeri's April 2014 Releases.

Kit: 2622
1:48th scale
The V-22 Osprey is now being distributed to evaluation divisions of the US Navy and Marines to define piloting and use methods for this new, revolutionary aircraft. Thanks to its large, swing-rotors, the Osprey is able to take off and lands just like a helicopter. Once off the ground, thanks to the rotation of its engines, it flies like a normal plane, reaching the speed and range hitherto unheard of for a traditional “chopper”. The V-22 is set to replace the old CH-46s as a transport and assault aircraft for the Marines, and in future, it will be used for the Special Forces’ aviation too.
Decals for one version in US service

Kit: 322
Scale 1:35th
The box contains 2 models & 2 figures - The United States and many of her Allies used Harley Davidson motor-cycles as liaison and staff vehicles. Front line troops also employed for their Military Police these motorcycles to direct traffic and control troop movements.

Decals for 2 versions in US service at the time of D-Day

Kit: 326
1:35 scale
The ubiquitous jeep is perhaps the most all-round vehicle ever constructed. Because it was ruggedly built and thus able to traverse most types of terrain without suffering structural damage, one of the many tasks assigned to the jeep was that of ambulance service.
Decals for 2 versions in US & British Army service at the time of D-Day

Kit: 1356
1:72th scale
Well-known English glider able to transport more than 25 troops or a large amount of war material and supplies in its long fuselage. It took part in the main airborne landings of World War Two but its name is particularly connected to the two most famous ventures of the Allied airborne troops: the landing in Normandy and the attack to the Arnhem Bridge in the Netherlands.

Decals for one version in British service

Kit: 1362
1:72nd scale
The Canadair is the most famous fire fighting plane of the aviation history. It is based on the flying boat amphibious water bomber concept and it is an extremely effective tool to protect the environment against the fire damages. The Canadair CL-415 is the improved version of the previous CL-215. The most important improvements able to enhance the effectiveness in fire fighting duties are: the adoption of two Pratt & Whitney turboprop new engines able to provide 2,380 hp as well as the aerodynamic additions to the wings and empennage and the up to date avionic system.
Thanks to its sturdy and robust central hull, it is able to load the water storage compartments in only 400 meters long run on water. The continuous improvements has also provide a boost in range that permit to stay on the target for a longer period and to load and drop an higher quantity of water and retardant in order to be more and more effective on fire fighting activities.

Decals for 5 versions in Spanish, French and Italian service

All of these kits are now available thru Italeri’s distributors now..