Monday, March 31

SO now Aurora wants the war to go into 1947 - and who can argue?

With all the what if?  Schemes released and modellers lapping it up why not extend the party – well in our imaginations anyway it all sounds nice – as long as combatants are like this lady panzer commander….

Aurora New March 2014 figure

1/20 Scale, 91 mm high, 6 Parts
Material; Metal (Contains lead)
Unassembled/Unpainted Figure kit, Made in Japan
Price US$40
This figure is sculpted in six parts of white metal by the men from the aurora site – they sure know what people seem to like – and this lady Panzer commander in 1/20th scale should shift a few units!
Wearing a map pack on here left hip and a short panzer blouse filled out in the way none of her male comrades could this lady also has a short skit! Something not conceivable in real life but in the “What if?” and Girls und Panzer world totally desirable.
The csculpt needs only to be painted and assembled and you have something to put beside your super heavr Maus tank or other ‘46/47 paper project. She is available now for 40$ US from the Aurora site.
This figure is now available to purchase directly from the Aurora site… (They send all figures by free postage worldwide.)