Thursday, June 5

Benchtop Tool Review: RP TOOLZ Punch and Die Tool set (w16 punches from 0.5mm to 2mm)

Got injection pin marks in your plastic? Need some clear dials for your instrument panel? There are a few solutions to fixing these common quandaries for modellers and RP TOOLZ are here to add their own new solution. A brand new Punch and Die set for round shapes. Let’s make some holes!

Review: RP TOOLZ Punch and Die Tool set (w16 punches from 0.5mm to 2mm)
Set contains:
One vice for holding
one hammer for hitting
Instructions in both English and Hungarian
Price: Around AU$115/ US$90/ €80
You can get these sets from RP’s distributors on the RP TOOLZ website

As time goes by and the Waldron and Historex punch and die sets become thinner on the ground and ever more expensive it is good to know that there are a few alternatives out there in the modelling market. From Hungary this year came a new company called “RP TOOLZ”, and they have several sets of handy tools for modellers that you are probably looking for from some supplier.

One of those tools that many people need/want is a small punch and die set. These sets go for a fortune when you can get them and that when isn’t always a certainty. I am happy that some other company has broken the almost monopoly on these simple tools and brought them to a wider market.
Our RP TOOLZ Punch and Die Tool set was a quite large one – it features no less than one two piece die plate to hold the plastic, a 16-Punch tool with 0.5mm to 2mm with 0.1 mm steps, thumbscrews to secure the die plate and of course a mini hammer to commit your plastic mayhem. 
My set came from Hungary in a hard cardboard box unmolested by the best efforts of several postmen along the way to do it harm. The parts were all sealed in small zip-loc bags to prevent any damage as well as loose styrene plastic foam to further smooth the ride.

The instructions are in English and Hungarian  - just in case you feel a little bi-lingual..
The large die plate dominates this set. There is a plastic acrylic top piece with 16 holes into it with the size dimensions and the galvanized steel base plate (3mm thick steel part is blue galvanized steel and the die 1mm thick black) galvanized steel with the same holes for it to sit on. The brushed edges are rather “schmick” looking at the whole base has a nice quality feel about it.
The other part of a dies set is of course the sixteen punches that make the holes. These are all set on a brushed alloy handle and the numbers to tell you what size the punches are recessed quite smartly. This makes sure after the banging is done you can still read the numbers so it isn’t just a one use set.
The other part is the smallest biggest hammer in the world. It is very cute but the weight is enough to make just as much noise as the force. I found the punch needed a few practices but I was soon making some neat little holes without too much trouble…
Simply hold the plastic in the vice with the two thumbscrews provided - 
…And there you go – lots of small circles which you can use for any of the different dimension-ed round objects. Instrument glass, filling in ejector holes in plastic

I had been after one of these for a while – and seeing at least one of the competition’s very basic set this package is a very professional looking tool that also does the business when it’s time to “bang one out” as they say…

I recommend this tool set highly…

Adam Norenberg
Thanks to Peter from RP TOOLZ of sending this set to review - you can get these sets from the RP TOOLZ website: