Friday, June 6

Italeri’s new items of June…Helos, Starfighters, Mustangs, Shermans and a Jeep that wants a few followers…

Italeri has surely been busy this month. They have released about seven new kits – five of which we thought would be interesting enough to divert your attention on the D-Day anniversary…

 Italeri’s new items of June 2014

Kit no: 2745
1/48th scale
The North American single-seat fighter P-51 Mustang is, without a doubt, one of the most famous aircraft in history, and it is considered the best fighter powered with  a traditional piston engine of the Second World War. The P-51 was developed very quickly and was built around the Packard V12 engine, the well-known and reliable Rolls-Royce Merlin engine manufactured under license in the United States, capable of delivering more than 1,600 HP. Thanks to its engine, the Mustang was able to reach the speed of 700 Km/h. 
The P-51D, the most famous and successful version, was armed with six 0.5 M2 Browning machine guns installed in the wings. The Mustang was used in all war theaters, but it best known duty was to escort bombers in raids over Europe. Furthermore the P-51 was used by the British Royal Air Force and several fighter units were equipped with the D and K versions renamed Mustang Mk. IV and IVa.

Super decals sheet for 4 versions in RAF service

Kit no: 15651
100% new mould - easy assembly comes with acrylic paint, glue and brush.
The Sherman is one of the most famous tanks of World War II, and was also the standard tank of the allied armies. The M4 was fairly well protected with armour but not sufficient enough to confront the 88mm guns of the Germans. It had a reliable engine, and it was reliable and had sufficient range as well as armament.
Decals for 2 versions in US and Soviet service

1/32nd scale
Kit no: 2504
Upgraded moulds
Finely engraved recessed panel lines and rivets  - fully detailed engine , cockpit , and avionics bay - gun bay with fully detailed m61 gun - open or closed air brakes - photo etched fret - more than 300 parts - huge decal sheets for 4 versions - instructions sheet with colour profiles (10x4 plates)
The supersonic interceptor aircraft F-104 Starfighter was, without doubts, one of the most famous, and long-lasting, aircraft in History. The F-104 entered in service in the late ‘50s and served with USAF for a long time. Later on, it has formed the fighter squadrons of several NATO air forces for more than 40 years. F-104A was the first version and it was used by USAF as supersonic interceptor in opposition to long-range soviet bombers. It entered in service in the late ‘50s. To the improved version, F-104C was assigned the role of fighter-bombers and it was used during the early stage of Vietnam War. 
The “Starfighter” was based and developed on an original and unique concept for its time: innovative shape of the plane extremely thin, small, straight mid-mounted, trapezoidal wings, the stabilizer mounted atop the fin, a powerful and reliable General Electric J-79 turbojet engine able to guarantee outstanding supersonic performances.

Decals for Vietnam war era US aircraft and Taiwanese AF planes.

Jeep "Follow Me" - Model Set
Kit No: 70390
1/35th scale
- This product is suitable for children over 8 years of age
- acrylic paints, liquid cement and brush included
In 1940, after World War II had broken out, the us general staff ordered various factories to design a light multi-purpose vehicle with all-wheel drive. The American bantam company, Willys overland, and the Ford motor co. Competed with each other. The Willys prototype was chosen, which, after an initial run of 1500 vehicles, went into mass production at the beginning of 1941 and reached a total output of 640.000 units out of which 277.000 Jeeps were produced by Ford under a licensing agreement. This shows that the jeep was the most widely produced light vehicle of the war industry during World War II.

Ab 205 Arma Dei Carabinieri
Kit No:2739
1/48th scale
(1814-2014) 200 YEAR ANNIVERSARY
The AB 205 helicopter is the version of the famous UH-1 “Huey”, widely used by the American Army in the Vietnam war, produced under license in Italy for the Italian armed forces and police, as well as for export to some European countries and the Middle East. This aircraft was designed in the 60s, has proved to be very sturdy and reliable, and has been used in a wide variety of roles: transport, assault and rescue. The versions used by the police are equipped with medical appliances, a winch, speakers for public order work, plus survey and rescue accessories for natural disasters and accidents.
Decals for 3 versions in Italian Service
All of these are available thru Italeri’s Distributors worldwide