Wednesday, June 25

“Sheiiiiii- MiG-28’s! No one has been this close before!!”

Hold on to your buts! AFV club is going to release the 1/48th scale MiG-28!

 1/48th scale "MiG-28"
From AFV Club - Future release..
We received information of our top industry spy known under the name of “Harold Faltermeyer” that it seems that the Soviet Union of old has really released the MiG-28! Aerospace journalists never saw this coming – if only they had taken some more care in their research and taken in this very amateur looking(obviously homemade) video of this new aircraft meeting with our brand new F-14 tomcats over the Indian ocean (present Day)…
It was said that these aircraft met at a close pass and that it was a very irregular dogfight scenario where one of the aircraft became inexplicably "inverted" which made the pilot's hands drop towards the direction of the ground when trying to "wave" at his enemy..
More news as it comes to hand..but until then here is a story from our east asian counterparts who have more on the story of  a similar story..

Kenny Loggins

No more news on this yet from AFV club but as soon as it comes we will post it!