Wednesday, June 25

That figures! Verlinden’s three new items for June 2014

Verlinden’s three new kits for June are orientated on the figure market – we have two large scale figures in 1/16th of a German SS Officer and an RAF pilot which should be popular as well as two “irregular” warriors for hire in 35th scale. Let’s have a look.

June 2014 items from Verlinden.

Kit# 2789
1:16th scale
This heroic looking pilot from the Battle of Britain is seen in a very heroic pose – he is seen looking skyward with his arm shielding him from the glare of the sun.
You can tell this figure is of cross-channel Battle of Britain era as his prominent “Mae West” is seen herewith his all too familiar flight helmet and goggles with his R/T transmitter line prominent as well this is a very good representation of this Pilot in 1/16th resin. 
This Picture Post magazine, published at the height of the Battle of Britain, features Pilot Officer Keith Gillman of 32 Squadron. Gillman was photographed at RAF Hawkinge in the summer of 1940. Sadly, he was lost over the Channel on the 25th August 1940. The magazine was published a week later.

Kit# 2790  
1/35th Scale
These two covert ops specialists in Afghanistan could really be pictured as being from any modern battlefield. They are both toting facial hair and quasi–regular uniforms and both have the older style M-15’s so they could even be used for the covert ops in the Afghan wilderness in the 80’s
The whole hair thing reminds me of this soldier from the latest conflict there – a pin-up boy for video game players and patriots alike!

Kit# 2791
1/16th Scale
This SS-Untersturmführer is seen here in late war clothing – full camouflage smock is worn over his officer’s tunic and breeches. His tall jack boots under that are wrinkled at the boots nicely. You can tell he is an SS-Untersturmführer because of his three pips on his collar tab and the SS camo smock he is wearing.
This figure kind of reminds us of this picture of SS-Untersturmführer Franz-Josef Kneipp who was injured in the turret of his tank in the battle of Normandy in 1944. Wearing the same officer’s peaked cap and camo pattern with large field opticals. 
These kits are currently on introduction sale price on Verlinden’s Webstore.