Sunday, June 29

The 48th scale Cougar from Kittyhawk is ready to pounce - we have built up trainer pictures in today's news.

Watch out she’s about to strike! Kittyhawk Models are just about to release their latest twin set of kits depicting the F9F-8 Cougar and TF-9J-  we have some updated pictures of the Trainer cougar as well as all the others in today's update...

Kittyhawk Models
1/48th scale
+ PE and decals for several versions included
KittyHawk Models is just about to release a new F9F & TF-9J Cougar in 48th scale and they have sent us some pictures of both of them (and even the Voodoo has snuck in there) for you to have a look at.

The Cougar had some great Grumman linage – with minimal changes apart from the very large one of sweeping back the wings it was very similar to the Grumman Panther. It was classed as an upgrade rather than a whole new aircraft to the Panther by the US Navy – the name of the aircraft changed to the Cougars from the F9F-6 on.
And now a look at what is coming.. Firstly the "one holer" - the  gun bay can be fully exposed by the removable nose cone..
 The tail is depicted nicely there with the arrestor hook extended
Put that nose cone back on!
Large perforated air brakes are shown extended here as well as the undercarriage - nice!
 And now the trainer with two seats and a blown canopy
 The option of raied or lowered wings adds another display fascet
 A bunch of armament is included - sidewinders and rocket pods with external fuel tanks
 The wing folds on display here

We will look at the cockpits a bit more when we get the kit to build
Here are pictures fo the T-9 Cougar test build finished! She is looking great so we hope we can build one up for you just as nice when she arrives for review
Hey Voodoo - get out of here - you will get your own preview later!
More on these – I think we will be building them for the news when they arrive – until then check back here or on the Kittyhawk site