Sunday, June 29

The last of the Lightning’s are ready to strike a hobby shop very soon…

…And to get yourselves ready for the storm of glue and paint about to be unleashed we have some new shots of the last in this series  – the ship-bourne F-35C Lightning that is about to strike.

Latest from Kittyhawk Model
F-35C Lighting II
1/48th scale
Said to be the first ever fighter with very low observable stealth available at sea.  With a broad wingspan, rugged structures and durable coatings, the F-35C carrier variant (CV) is designed to stand up to harsh shipboard conditions while delivering a lethal combination of 5th Generation fighter capabilities.

Here we have shome shots fo the test kit from Kittyhawk and comparisons with the real thing
The “CV” sets a new standard in weapon systems integration, maintainability, combat radius and payload that brings true multi-mission capability to naval forces around the world.
F-35c Specifications
            Length 51.5 ft / 15.7 m
            Height 14.7 ft / 4.48 m
            Wingspan 43 ft / 13.1 m
            Wing area 668 sq ft / 62.1 sq m
            Horizontal tail span: 26.3 ft / 8.02 m

The kit features a massive weapons load out - not so stealthy with these on!
Weapons payload  18,000 lb / 8,160 kg
            Standard internal weapons load           
Two AIM-120C air-to-air missiles
Two 2,000-pound GBU-31 JDAM guided bombs
            Weight empty 34,800 lb
            Internal fuel capacity 19,200 lb
           Maximum weight 70,000 lb class
            Propulsion*(uninstalled thrust ratings) 
F135-PW-100: 40,000 lb Max./25,000 lb Mil.
            Speed (full internal weapons load) Mach 1.6 (~1,200 mph)
            Combat radius (internal fuel) >600 nm /1,100 km
            Range (internal fuel) >1,200 nm / 2,200 km
            Max g-rating  7.5
*Maximum Power (Max) = with afterburner; Military Power (Mil) = without afterburner  

The wingfolds are included with this kite as well as an access ladder open or closed
The open cockpit includes a pilot figure as well as a nicely detailed ejection seat 
 The whole family will be complete for kittyhawk in 48th scale with the release of the F-35C
Now for the colours! We have the actual aircraft with these to show you better how they look in real life

Firstly F-35 CF-01 prototype
Then the later scheme on this same aircraft CF-01
Then the in service testing vehicle CF-03
The the Grim Reapers F-35  "NJ" 
The F-35C Lighting II in 1/48th will be released  this coming month. Keep an eye out here or on Kittyhawk’s website for more info.