Tuesday, June 24

What’s worse? A cannibal warrior or an axe wielding barbarian? Actually thanks to Pegaso which one is better…

Pegaso has gone back way into the past with their two latest sculpts for June. Two scary as hell but pretty inspiring figures – muscle bound and buff make me think it’s time to get out and do some exercise – “Bronze age style”

Pegaso Models new June items..

Sculptor: Andrea Jula
Painter: Pietro Balloni
Material: White Metal
Size:75mm/ Scale:1:24th
Price:€ 37,19
Andrea Jula is responsible for this full body sculpt in 1/24th scale of the ancient barbarian just about to let go a can of “whoop ass” on some poor unfortunate soul. He is made from ten pieces of white metal and in this case painted by the equally talented painter Pietro Balloni who has given him the top treatment with a lot of tattoos and subtle shading.
He is “dual wielding” here with two battle axes as he is seen crouched ready for battle while the wind is catching his clothes and his hair in a very dramatic “heroic” pose. He has a chest guard and shin guards and his wrinkled pants(?) look just about to blow off there is so much breeze! 
His muscly back and straps are very well sculpted – in fact his whole muscular sculpture wouldn’t have been too hard to sculpt considering lots of modellers look the same in the mirror - Too easy!

Sculptor: Martin Gouric
Painter: Aleks Michelotti
Size:100mm/ Scale:1:9
Price:€ 42,98
The Moche civilization flourished in what is now the northern part of Peru with its capital near present-day Moche and Trujillo from about 100 AD to 800 AD. A very religious people – they ancient civilization was said to have conducted ritual cannibalistic sacrifices – but ultimately may have been let down by their gods when they were broken up as a civilization by intense floods followed by decades of drought (climate change 530AD style)
This warrior from the Moche tribe is looking very fierce in his high head dress made from a bronze that is part of a hat with a range of differently coloured feathers on the rear and the straps of the chin strap. 
This Warrior carries a large idol around his neck and his upper chest is adorned with beaded chest piece. This 1/9th scale bust is made from thirteen parts of resin and it is sculpted by Martin Gouric and the painter on this box art edition is Aleks Michelotti.
These two are now available at the links above and at the Pegaso Website.