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An Erla packed with Barracuda? Nic takes the new 32nd Revell to the next level of detail with Barracuda additions..

Having built a “Vanilla” Revell Bf-109 G-10 already for us here on TMN, top man Nic and the Belgian connection has turned out another in double quick time to compliment the first. Not only is Nic using BarracudaCals Decals this time but also he is using all of the corrections to this kit from Barracuda Studios – see how the two compare with Nic’s second G-10 in today’s build review...

Barracuda one-o-nine !
Model by Nicolas Deboeck

Revell Messerschmitt Bf109 G-10 Erla
Kit N°: 04888
Kit type: injection Moulded
Scale: 1/32
Sprues: 12 styrene + 2 clear
Part count: 157
Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For details visit www.revell.de/en @RevellGermany or facebook.com/revell
Barracudacals additions
BC32144 Erla Bf 109G-10s - Part 1
Schemes for seven different G-10's

1/32nd scale
1/32nd scale
1/32nd scale
The build:
Revell’s BF-109 G-10 Erla is a kit that sticks. I guess it’s the mix of details and easy fit – and the good prize for a new tool kit. The release of this kit inspired the more dynamic aftermarket brands to bring some very interesting decals and resin updates. When the Barracuda resin update sets arrived, I was more than ready for my  third Erla!
The sets have been previewed earlier here on TMN and although they look great, the proof of the quality is in the build, right? So here goes:
The first thing I wanted to check is the oil cooler. It’s pretty simple: either the fit is good or bad. The Barracuda replacement is clearly deeper than the one in the kit – a true improvement – and the fit is, well perfect ! It is probably the best fit I’ve ever seen on a resin replacement part.
Next are the air scoops of which 6 are provided. Pretty straightforward for this kit: you cut off the parts of the kit (which leaves nicely shaped openings in the fuselage) and glue on the replacement parts. If you cut them carefully from the resin support, you just need a little sanding to get the edge straight before you glue them. Again: a nice addition to the kit. I also riveted the entire kit, but a little too lightly it seems as after a few layers of paint, many disappeared ...
I was a little unsure about resin spinner. The propeller blades are wider than those in the kit and they look good once painted, but the spinner seemed to have the same shape as the one in the kit. Sure, it has some rivets, but is it a plus for the kit? Well, when I look at the end result: it is – and I was wrong. Once painted and the spiral decal placed on it, it looks very convincing. It took some time to sand the resin support off the back plate, but it is worth it.
The super charger intake is nicely shaped and has the advantage that you don’t have a seam on the inside, like the kit one has and the engine exhaust are hollowed out, so those are an easy replacement too. Fit is good, no surprise there.

Quite a few G-10 Erla’s were equipped with small wheels and small wheel bulges on the wings. The upper wings of the Revell kit are made out of two parts, but only the large wheel bulges are in the kit. Barracuda offers a replacement parts for the smaller wheel bulges. I needed some putty to get the parts to fit properly, but not more than I did with the kit’s parts on my two earlier builds.
So, are these sets recommendable? Absolutely. I have the feeling that a lot of time was taken to get the fit of these sets just right. Modellers that like accuracy and an easy fit will have exactly what they are looking for.
I had some decals left from the Barracudacals I used on my previous build (BC32144) and selected “White 14” of JG51. This aircraft was ex-JG3 and this can be seen by the partly oversprayed white fuselage band. The aircraft was flown in April 1945 to Sweden by its pilot and quite a few nice photos of it are available.

Bf 109G-10 (Erla built). White 14 - Ex II./JG3 aircraft. Flown by Waldemar Wagler, JG51 at Garz, Germany, April 1945

"White 14" outside the hangar at F5, Ljungbyhed. Photo F10-archive via Andreas Samuelsson
This photo shows how nice the spinner looks after painting. With the fuselage done – see the slight hint of RLM2 on the covers - , it is time to get the wings done.
As is often the case with late war Luftwaffe aircraft, the challenge is not in building the kit or using a set, but in painting the camouflage. Gunze acrylics were used (RLM74/75/76) and a little RLM 2 on the engine covers, with some Italeri acrylics black and white to give get some shades.

These two photos show the difference between a “Barracuda 109” and a “from the box 109 in the second photo. The deeper oil cooler, the spinner and super charger air intake are very convincing!
The straight Revell Kit

Barracuda additions - see the sharper nose - the difference in the spinner, air cooler and exhausts..Wheels are also simpler without the large tread pattern
These two photos show the difference in the oil cooler and the air scoops. The first one is with the Barracuda sets, the second without:
The decals went on without any problem, I just left of the yellow triangle behind the “white 14”, because in the photos I found, it wasn’t there.

The biggest difference can be found on the wings: The Revell kit has the big bulges, while the Barracuda set allows you to make an Erla with the smaller wheels and wing bulges:
Revell Kit with larger wing bulges
The Barracuda altered "White 14" allows for the small wheel bulges on the wings - a lot more aircraft can be modelled now you have the choice.
Here is what the new spinner and prop blades look like when compared. You can also see the good result of the air scoops and the new super charger intake:

Revell's spinner and props
Barracuda spinner and props
This photo shows some of the interesting features of “White 14”: the sprayed over fuselage band and the replacement rudder:
This shot shows the advantages of good reference photos: the weathering was done as accurate as possible, with the four little brown spots, chipped paint and vertical streaks on the fuselage.
And the finished result...
For me, this build is a winning combination: a great kit with very useful update sets and interesting decal choices. You can see here both of these G-10's look great - but the options given with the Barracuda add-ons take the kit to the next level of detail.

  Nicolas Deboeck

Many thanks to Revell for providing the kit for this build and as well to Roy from Barracuda Studios for the decals.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For details visit www.revell.de/en @RevellGermany or facebook.com/revell

Barracuda Studio’s new erla sets  and a number of new resin sets for both the new 1/32 Revell 109G-6 and G-10 are available from Barracuda Studios