Monday, July 21

Meng upgrades to a newer model - literally - the new AMX-30B2

Meng’s already established (and popular) French Main Battle Tank AMX-30 kit in 35th scale has been out for the best part of a year now – and they thought it was time to anti-up to ta newer model – must be tax time! Click on to see the preview of their latest kit – the 1/35th scale French Main Battle Tank AMX-30B2
Meng Model's Latest..
French Main Battle Tank AMX-30B2
1/35th scale
In November 2012, MENG released the new kit TS-003 - 1/35th scale French Main Battle Tank AMX-30B in the IPMS (UK) Scale ModelWorld. So far, TS-003 has been on the market for over one year, and now we are going to bring the upgraded AMX-30B - AMX-30B2. AMX-30B is well-known as a second-generation main battle tank equipped by the French Army.

Compared to the contemporary main battle tanks in the world, it has strong mobility, firepower but weak protection. In the early 1980s, France developed a more modernized AMX-30B2 which was based on the AMX-30B. The improvements of AMX-30B include: installing a brand new M581 integrated COTAC fire-control system; upgrading the transmission to the semi-automatic SESM ENC 200; adopting a new torsion bar suspension which increased the tank's off-road mobility; mounting side skirts on both sides of the hull to increase the tank’s protection. The vehicle entered service in the French Army in 1982.
In 1991, French 4th Dragoon Regiment equipped with 44 AMX-30B2 MBTs engaged in the Gulf War. Although it was not as invincible as U.S. M1A1 MBT, yet, it played a positive role in the Operation Desert Saber, and cut off the route of retreat of Iraqi Republican Guard units.
This 1/35 scale TS-013 French AMX-30B2 MBT plastic model kit is 271mm in total length and 96mm in width. The model realistically represented the cast turret and partial turret interior; the main gun and 20mm autocannon can elevate independently; the hatch on commander cupola can rotate in 360 degrees; realistic running gear parts on the chassis and torsion bar suspension are movable; workable track links are easy to assemble with the assembly jig. The kit is comprised of 14 sprues and 2 PE frets.

During the Gulf War, AMX-30B2 played only a supporting role, however, its performance was remarkable. Today, MENG presents the AMX-30B2 model. What surprise will it bring to us?

Let’s take a look with the following pictures!

Detailed and eye-catching periscopes, panoramic sight and smoke grenade launchers.
Brand new tooling low-light TV camera.
There are rich details on commander’s cupola; 7.62mm MG and commander sighting system are realistically realized on the model.
Clear headlights.
The additional front fenders and side-skirts are the great difference between AMX-30B and AMX-30B2.
Various parts are orderly on the rear of AMX-30B2.
Crew steps are represented by PE parts.
Protection grilles are realistically presented by PE parts.
The NBC system on the rear of the turret is precisely reproduced.
You can get this at Meng’s distributors worldwide very soon!