Tuesday, August 26

Add-On Parts: Grilling, decorating, bagging, fencing, wallpapering, Palletting, Jerrying and a bit of "Man -Hole-ing? This September...

Add On parts keeps on sending us pictures and info of all their latest diorama accessories and we thought it only prudent to keep you updated with what’s new on the Diorama accessory scene - some interesting bits here and the glue to keep ‘em all together…

Add-On Parts newest releases for September:

This is a specially designed product developed to glue posters or other paper subjects on your diorama. It can also be used for printed wall paintings and will provide a very realistic ‘painted-on’ look, causing the paper to start acting more like a decal. See an example on the photo on the right, where we have used the glue to apply these 2 markings onto our French Café.

Contains a special dropper for easy application to your models. Shake well before use. No thinning required.
How to use it?
1. Apply some glue to the back of the paper.
2. Use a flat brush to evenly distribute the glue.
3. Apply to your diorama using a dry flat brush.

Contains 1 photo-etch fret with 6 manholes
These man-traps are actually photo etched brass that you can use on top of your current dio without too much effort – they simply are painted and then placed on top of your street or footpath – a genius idea really! There are six in this set at a el-cheapo price..

Contains 1 photo-etch fret with 3 fences, size 6 x 4 cm
This wrought iron (actually brass PE but don’t tell anyone) fence in 35th scale is a perfect thing to bend and wrought under the wheel of a heavy tank or vehicle or anything similar that could bend it. You get three lengths of fence here so the damage is up to you…

Contains 10 different resin pieces.
What old world setting is the same without some fancy brass and steel work to hang off the side to decorate your building? Made from grey resin these are thicker than most types we have seen and handy to have in the box to jazz up your dio.

Contains 12 resin jerry cans
Need some extra range for you IDF vehicles or even some captured cans? Well Add-on has this with their new resin set of twelve (yes 12) cans for modern vehicles which can take any weathering and dust and grime. These universal cans are great for any modern warfare setting.

Contains 6 resin pieces.
Need a place to crash? Need something to carry your olive green pyjamas? Well Add-On has this new set with six pieces of resin – three haversack style bags, a swag for sleeping in, a duffell bag and a long square pack we do not know what to call – it will add some extra depth to your US WWII scene we know that.

Contains 2 pallets casted in resin.
Imagine most modern battle sites without a pallet lying around? I know it’s hard to isn’t it? These two resin pallets are made from resin in a way that they are easy assemble quickly. A little bit of beige paint and some oil effects wash to replicate the wood stain and the world is your pallet of oysters!

For more info and to pick these up just visit www.addonparts.com to see these and their other great kits ( and add-ons…)