Monday, August 25

Sang on Lee’s new 1/10th scale 12th SS Panzer Division 'Hitlerjugend'

Life Miniatures is keeping up with demand with a new bust pretty much every two months. This bi-monthly schedule has seen no reduction in quality and Sang Eon’s newest release sees the bust of a youth in a deadly environment..

Life Miniatures September Release..

Panzergrenadier, 12th SS Panzer Division 'Hitlerjugend'

Normandy 1944
Sculpted and Painted by Sang-Eon Lee
1/10 scale bust 
This kit includes 7 parts in grey resin.
Seven parts of grey resin make up this figure – with a camouflaged helmet and Kar.98 rifle and grenade with his entrenching shovel protruding in his front – Sang eon used a lot of reference pictures of re-enactors and WWII period snaps in the sculpting of this youngster..
The fighting in Normandy around Caen was dominated by two main combatants – the Canadian soldiers in that sector came up against the very young men of the 12th SS – The Hitler youth division of the SS. These young soldiers were taken from the Hitler youth organization and pushed into service against the allied war machine. These young soldiers were brought up knowing nothing but the 1000 year Reich so they proved to be some of the most fanatical soldiers in the SS. However once captured the youth and delicate features of these young boys and men shocked their enemies this is something the sculptor Sang Eon Lee has captured in his new sculpt very well.
This young soldier is seen here in the M44 dot/pea pattern camouflage field blouse (Tarnung Feldbluse M44). The M44 "Dot/Pea", (Erbsenmuster), camouflage pattern was first introduced on March 1ST 1944, as a cost saving measure, for use with the new, two piece, camouflage uniform and was intended to replace all other SS camouflage patterns, resulting in widespread usage on a variety of garments. 

The M44 Dot/Pea camouflage pattern uniform was also designed to serve double duty by replacing both the earlier drill tunic and the camouflage smock. Most of these were printed in different “seasons” on the inside to the outside. These tunics, smocks and pants could be found in a variety of colours and pattern by the end of the war and so this figure could be in any variation or colour you could think. I would suggest a Summer/Autumn pattern though if this soldier was going to be portrayed in a post D-Day timeframe.
He is looking at a September timeframe for release – so expect so see him at your local figure hobby shop or online very soon..

You can get this sculpt from Life Miniature’s Distributors Worldwide.