Friday, August 22

Masterbox's walking dead are living it up in your hobby shop in September...

Capturing the zeitgeist of everything zombie in the media and movies Masterbox have answered a few people’s prayers and released a set of 35th scale well as some other great stuff in September.

Masterbox’s newest kits of September 2014:

“Hitching a ride, US Paratroopers and Civilians”
1/35th scale
This new kit includes the model of German Army’s 170 VK car (this model is also released by Masterbox as kit number is 3530) and 5 figures, three of which represent an elderly couple with a grandson, and two figures of soldiers – US military men. The action of the story takes place in the south of Europe in 1944-1945.
Countrymen stopped at the US patrol and help them to find their position. By the way, the use of German trophy cars by the civil people in areas liberated from German forces is confirmed by documentary photographs. The figures are animated very well and they interact with each other very well. The centre of the story is a boy that is reaching out with childish ingenuousness for that is most important for him now – for soldier’s accoutrements
Masterbox would like to emphasize that the kit can be used for creation of the diorama both independently and it can be added by the models of techniques of other manufacturers.

“Zombie Hunter - Road to Freedom", Zombieland series”
1/35th scale
This is a peculiar kit by that our company starts to develop a new subject for us, a subject of fantasy world. The action of the kit takes place in an invented post-apocalyptic world. The kit consists of 5 figures, one of which is a girl that is trying to escape from a place infected by Zombies by using the motorcycle and weapons, 4 rest figures are Zombies. Zombies are represented by the most different types of people and they include woman-policeman, nurse, repairman and simple passer-by. The kit will not be completed by the motorcycle and the modeller will be able to choose himself the motorcycle of what manufacturer to use, all the more, the list of the models of motorcycles in 1/35 scale of various manufacturers will be placed on the box of the kit.
We would like to emphasize that they intend to continue to develop this series in the future. The kit is made in 1/35 scale. 

“MK II “Male” British Tank, Arras Battle period, 1917”
1/72nd scale
The kit represents a set of parts placed on 5 sprues intended for making the model of MK II British Tank, Artillery Version, in Arras Battle period, 1917 in 1/72 scale. The kit is noted for high degree of detail (taking into account 1/72 scale), thorough work on the small parts and high degree of the correspondence to the original. Photo-etched parts are not included in the kit, the kit is not completed by decals, as exactly this kind of the tank did not bear any inscriptions almost.

There will be inscription "Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of WW I (1914-1918)" on the box.

Check out the list of Masterbox’s Distributors to get one of these at your favourite model shop..