Tuesday, September 2

Andrea Miniatures latest releases com storming and "Draggin" in this month's releases...

Andrea Miniatures is in the swing of the whole World War One anniversary with their recent release of this – the first real modern shock troops of the trench war in 1917 and a great book to match it – how this War Dragon fits in I don’t know but its another great release from them this month.
S8-F5790 mm 1/18
20 white metal casting for assembly and painting.
Gas mask lenses and 2 gas mask canister included.
Choice of 2 heads.
Painter: Studio Andrea
Sculptor: Studio Andrea
Kit unassembled: 93,34 $
Quality Painting by skilled Andrea painters including full lighting and shadowing processes.-painted HQ: 578,43 $
This original stormtrooper (sorry George Lucas) is dressed in the cutting edge of combat gear in 1917 – the new field grey tunic and pants with ankle high boots with puttees bandaged around them to keep you from rattling any trench alarms.
To deal with the pesky barbed wire this soldier I seen with a large set of wire cutters and in case of gas he wears a gas mask. There is actually a different head choice without the gas mask for those who like to have the painted expression of a face. The face is actually pretty good on this figure.
This Stormtrooper also carries two water bottles, an entrenching tool, his Kar.98 rifle and ammo as well as a stick grenade he looks more than ready to use.. 
Andrea have an unboxing video for those of you needing that closer look…

8.2”x11.6” (210x297mm)
216 Pages
Over 200 pictures
Available in Hardback From 15th September for 40€
This book is a narration of the history of the shock and assault troops and covers their combat methods. Finally, it offers a comprehensive description of their uniforms, equipment, and weapons, along with a large number of illustrations and period photographs rarely seen.
54 mm or 1/32nd scale
17 metal casting parts and 9 resin parts for assembly and painting
Height: 9.8”
Width: 9”
Length: 11.4”
Weight: 1,12 lbs.
Kit unassembled: 214($US) OR -
High Quality Painting by skilled Andrea painters including full lighting and shadowing processes. Painted HQ: 1025 ($US)
This massive dragon is also available in either painted or unassembled to suit your taste or your wallet – he is massive and would dominate any shelf with a height of nearly ten inches and a wingspan of 9 inches. 

All three of these new releases are available at your preferred Andrea Miniatures  website or their distributors worldwide.