Monday, September 1

Combat Armour Models? More Like Cams – a tank so light it could swim very soon..

Snubbed by the country that spawned it – the Vickers Light Amphibious Tank A4E12 soon got picked up in other nations that needed light tanks that could fjord every stream. A new company called CAMS (Combat Armour Models) has a new version of this tank for their first release in 35th scale…
'CAMS' introduces their first kit…

VCL Light Amphibious Tank A4E12
Early Production
Combat Armour Models
1/35th scale  
The first product from the new brand called “Cams” is to be the Vickers Light Amphibious Tank A4E12 (Early Production) in 35th scale.

  Item no. is CV35001. Is the first in the line of new kits from Cams - their models will be distributed by Riich Models for the worldwide market.

The Vickers-Carden-Loyd Light Amphibious Tank (designated the A4E11 and A4E12 by the War Office, was a series of British experimental pre-World War II light tanks  resembling a tankette, which though not taken into British service were sold to a number of other countries which produced modified versions which were then taken into service.
Foreign buyers included China, Thailand, the Dutch East Indies and the USSR, the latter producing some 1200 of the T-37A tank developed from the A4E11/12.

This tank only was saw in combat by Chinese army during WWII so the kit is provided with just the decals for Chinese versions only.
The markings for this tank will be:
-1st platoon/2nd platoon, 8th Route Army, National Revolutionary Army | Yellow/Brown/Grey/Green | Canton, Canton Province (1933)

- 1st platoon/2nd platoon, 12th Army Group, National Revolutionary Army | Yellow/Brown/Grey/Green | Tsangsin, Canton Province (1938)

- Instructional vehicle, Army Mechanized School, National Revolutionary Army | Yellow/Brown/Grey/Green | Hungkong, Wu Nam Province (1940)
And the sprues...
and the PE to go along with it - it looks a nice little kit..
This kit is due to be available for the end of September.

Keep an eye out here or check out Riich’s website for more info on their kits in the future.