Tuesday, September 16

Teutonic (K)nights with a Nymert? Pegaso’s September schedule sounds great to us

Introduced last week at the Stresa World Expo show these three new figures from Pegaso will no doubt be the stars of Pegaso’s stand at the Euro Millitaire in Folkestone. Let’s look at them before they get mobbed at the show.

Pegaso’s September New Items

Code: 75-912
Category: 09 Crusaders
Sculptor: Richard Galicek
Painter: Diego Ruina
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 43
Weight: 900gms.
Size: 75mm / Scale: 1:24th
Price: € 85,12
Pegaso Figure 75-912 Teutonic Knight, sculpted by Richard Galiceck and painted by Diego Ruina. This figure is now available on the Pegaso Website. Personally I love the Teutonic knights series and I know that they are really popular with other modellers so this knight will no doubt sell quickly. 
The large war horse is covered with the knight’s war colours from head to toe so people who cannot paint horses need not worry! The standard this soldier is carrying is being billowed by the wind as is the knight’s coat/cape.
He is a lovely piece in 1/24th scale white metal and we are sure you could colour him in many a different shade to make your knight unique on the modelling bench.

Code: Fa75-005
Category: 22 Fantasy Worlds
Sculptor: Andrea Jula
Painter: Pietro Balloni
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 15
Weight: 210gms.
Size: 75mm/ Scale 1:24th
Price: € 37,19
Sculpted by the talented hands of Andrea Jula and painted by Pietro Balloni. Previewed at the Stresa World Expo, it will be officially available next week on the website at the same time of the Euromilitaire Show in Folkestone.

This little lady certainly is a fantasy creature and looks a lot different to the sea monkeys I had when I was little – although she does look a lot like the cover of the pack the sea monkeys came in!
The mind boggles at how you should shade this beauty – as a fantasy figure she could be anything you want! We think that Pietro Balloni has done a wonderful job here in the box art though.

Code: 75-913
Category: 08 Middle Ages Xv Cen.
Sculptor: Richard Galicek
Painter: Daniel Milosevic
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 43
Weight: 930gms.
Size: 75mm/ Scale: 1:24th 
Price: € 85,12 
Just when you thought there were not enough Teutonic knights to fill your workbench these two come along at once. This knight from the Middle Ages Xv Century series is sculpted by Richard Galiceck this figure is the first Pegaso Boxart from Daniel Milosevic who has done a great job here.
This regal looking knight is seen in a more elaborate get up than his other colleague than the German knight shown on this page – a quilted horse cover is seen with his coat of arms decorating it and the owner.

The knight bears the standard on a flag which is a’fluttering
The inclusion of a horse with the knight’s fluttering cape, shield, lance with flag and armour all make this figure my choice for this month  - it is available now on the Pegaso website as are all three of these figures. Be sure to check them out at Euro Militaire if you get the chance to go.
These three figures are now available from the Pegaso Website.