Wednesday, September 17

The Second thirty-second Bronco breaks out of the stable…

KittyHawk second 1/32 scale Kit is due for it’s second outing in the form of the second lot of test shots put together. See what you think of the second bronco to break free in today’s news

KitttyHawk’s latest test shot – September 17th 2014

Kittyhawk Models
OV-10 Bronco
Kit # KH32003
1/32 scale
New Tool.
Ok we thought you might like to take a look at these shots of the new 1/32nd scale Bronco and see for yourself after what we have already published on this highly anticipated kit.
A dual canopy that opens up to reveal a nice interior (we hope)

Posable control surfaces on the wing make this an even better proposition for modellers

The impressive square shaped wing seen here to good effect
FLIR in the nose? you should see a doctor!
Engine cowlings are removable to show two nicely detailed powerplants 

Posable tail surfaces..
 ..and a nice rear end (hole)
Compared with the Texan she sure is BIG
More on this sure-to-be-popular kit as soon as we have more info from KittyHawk
Previous Bronco news from Kittyhawk..
Kittyhawk Models
OV-10 Bronco
Kit # KH32003
1/32 scale
New Tool.

We have some lovely art showing the Bronco in his natural habitat – prowling over the battlefields looking for more prey! Kittyhawk has just informed us that their 1/32 OV-10D Bronco will be available from the end of September!

We were just thinking about this release when Glen from Kittyhawk hit our in-boxes with these new - updated and resolved (slightly) CAD drawings of their latest kit in 32nd scale - the Kit # KH32003 – OV-10 Bronco - feat your eyes on all that is new and improved in our rolling preview...

The second round of CAD shots form the steadily improving 1/32nd scale OV-10 Bronco from Kittyhawk to let loose...

We have some brand new shots of the new large scale close-support aircraft – the OV-10 Bronco. A fave with many modellers this was the premier close support prop aircraft of the Vietnam war and right up until the 1980’s when it was replaced by the A-10.
The OV-10 Bronco was a multi-purpose, light attack aircraft acquired by the Marine Corp for observation squadrons to conduct visual reconnaissance missions. The OV-10A is a twin-turboprop short take-off and landing aircraft conceived by the Marine Corps and developed under an Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps tri-service program. The first production OV-10A was ordered in 1966 and its initial flight took place in August 1967. The OV-10 can be used for short take-offs and landings on aircraft carriers without the use of catapults. With the second seat removed, it can carry 3,200 pounds of cargo, five paratroopers or two litter patients and an attendant.
The Bronco also provides transportation for aerial radiological reconnaissance, tactical air observers, artillery and naval gunfire spotting and airborne controllers of tactical air support operations. Other tasks include armed escort for helicopters and front line, low-level aerial photography.
First flight:    July 16, 1965
Span: 40 feet (12.2 meters)
Length:         41 feet 7 inches (12.7 meters)
Height:          15 feet 1 inch (4.6 meters)
Weight:          Empty: 7,190 pounds (3,261 kilograms); maximum take-off gross weight: 14,444 pounds (6,552 kilograms)
Power plant:            Two Garrett-Air Research turboprop engines, T76-G-412 and T76-G-413, 715 shaft horsepower each
Maximum speed at sea level:      244 knots (452 kilometers/hour)
Range:          700 nautical miles (1,297 kilometers) with internal fuel; 1200 nautical miles (2224 kilometers) with 150-gallon (568-liter) drop tank
Service ceiling:       28,800 feet (8,778 meters)
Fuel:   Five self-sealing fuel tanks in wing: 252-gallon capacity (954 liters); 150-, 230- or 300-gallon (568-, 871-, or 1,136-liter) external tank
Crew: One pilot and one observer (removable rear seat for greater fuselage cargo capacity)
Armament:   Centerline station for 20 mm gun pod, or stores; four 7.62 mm M60C machine guns in sponsons; four sponson stations for rockets, miniguns or stores; two wing stations for rockets or missiles
Mission performance:
5.5 hours loiter time with 150-gallon (568-liter) drop tank; 50 nautical miles (93 kilometers) and 2 hours loiter time with full ordnance load
Equipment:  Zero-speed, zero-altitude escape seats; air-to-air and air-to-ground communication systems
Landing gear:          Trailing arm articulating with two-stage air-oil telescoping shock absorbing struts
Cargo bay:   75 cubic feet (2.1 cubic meters) with rear seat; 110 cubic feet (3.1 cubic meters) with rear seat removed

New and improved CADs #2

These are the newest shots from Kittyhawk of their newer revised design for the Bronco, and you can see they have refined and given detail to their kit but more is yet to come..
You can see below in the previous #1 Version CAD shots of the Bronco from KH how much this kit has already come along..
The Bronco's mission capabilities include observation, forward air control, helicopter escort, armed reconnaissance, gunfire spotting, utility and limited ground attack; however, the USAF acquired the Bronco primarily as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft. 

Close up details - the open engine
The detailed gun bays..
Nose wheel compartment
Nose wheel detail
Main wheel well
A nice looking cockpit
More on this sure-to-be-popular kit as soon as we have more info from KittyHawk. If you think you can help with the development of this kit then many eyes are better than one - send them an email from thier contact address on their site..