Sunday, September 7

MiniArt’s new GAZ-AAA w/Quad M4 Maxim packs enough modelling firepower to melt plastic..

Well Miniart are back in business and gee aren’t we happy about it! They have made the move to Kyiv and the whole factory will soon be churning out Panzer III’s and this little beauty – a quad MG AA mount on a GAZ-AAA truck maybe it should be called a “GAZA AAA (AA) ?” Anyway new coloured CAD’s flesh this baby out a bit more….
Kit No: 35177
BOX: 345x240x70 mm
This kit contains 669 parts. 
This box contains a model of one GAZ-AAA cargo truck w/quad M4 Maxim and a figure of an officer mounting the quad guns.
Photos of the quad Maxim in action just in case you don’t believe us…
The sprues..
Clear transparencies
Plus x12 PE Parts
Parts for M4 Maxim and CAD pictures

Images of 3D CAD Model
And lastly the colour schemes available
Ohh one more thing - the figure on the maxims...We promise the paper gun will be replaced with the regular Maxims on the release

Finally the CAD drwawings shaded up tell us a little bit more aboutt the kit and how it might look in russian green!
More on this model closer to it’s release – and if you want to see more of this and other MiniArt kits check out their site.