Thursday, October 16

Verlinden has re-released some precious hard to find goodies for those who might have missed out...

Verlinden thinks it is time to see what you might have been missing out on – October’s latest features a few things you may or not be familiar with already - but all of them are newly cast and in stock after not being available for a long time. Let’s have a look…
 October releases from Verlinden

Roman Army Centurion
54mm/1:32 Scale
 This commander of men has the wind up! He charges forward with his Gladius raised a-high to signal his 80-100 followers to advance. Made from thirteen parts of cream resin – he comes with a thick base and in a very excited pose as he charges forward.
This centurion is cast in 54mm/ (1/32nd scale) – you can see pretty well his overlapping scale armour and the detail on both his shin guards and high plumage on his decorated helmet. Centurions and higher ranks wore these into battle to be better recognized by their own men. The large rounded shield looks like one he stole off the enemy!

Lone Survivor Vignette
1:35th scale
Forget about mark Wahlberg – this man is THE lone survivor! His Kammerads have all been overwhelmed by the enemy as they lie there motionless as the last one standing looks on to the desolation with pain on his face and on his head which is bandaged.

Made from four parts of cream resin in 35th scale – the base takes up most of the real estate with the man propped up in the debris and his fellow soldiers which are a part of the large base part. This makes this very easy to build and lets you concentrate on the painting.
Wounded and Medic US WWII
1:35th scale
Six parts of cream resin in 1/35th scale make these two G.I’s. The pack includes two soldiers – one wounded with his leg braces, his uniform tunic off so he is bare-chested with lots of bandages around his wounded chest. He is in a bad way laying on a tarpaulin. Hopefully his face won’t be covered any time soon. His guardian angel is the US Medic here. He is seen in fully orderly garb with a helmet for his only protection. His medical pack lies on the ground while he carefully attends to his charge.

F-16 Control Stick
1:1 Scale
This real life sized 1/1 version of the F-16 Fighting Falcon is a near perfect replica of the right handed control stick that is pretty unique in fighter aircraft. Instead of a central Joystick the F-16 Raptor pilots use this side console stick to help steer their aircraft to victory.
Made from ten parts of resin this control stick features triggers – recessed screws and toggle detail. The text on the joystick is recessed so it is easy to paint and it will look just like the real thing when done.

All of these are now available on the Verlinden site.