Monday, October 27

We make tracks the easy way with a tadpole and two mini vans and the hint of a Hermaphrodite??

Takom are fast turning into a bit of a company to watch. Detailed but easy to make kits with a choice in subjects that is very smart this company has our attention. Their new T3 Transporter and Tadpole kits are being released this month and we had some info for you

Takom’s new November kits..

Product number: #2013
Scale: 1:35
The Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) was the third generation of the Volkswagen Transporter and was manufactured in Germany from 1979 until 1990. It was used in several countries armed services, especially Germany. The decal for this kit belongs to a German T3 in ISAF and SROR service.
A T3 from the Syrian army is chosen as well by the people from AMMO
The decals included in the kit
From the CAD's you can see the planned details

Bundeswehr T3 Transporter Truck
Double Cab
Scale: 1:35
Takom - Nr. #2014
This double cab version of the T3 is a utility and a people mover combined. Again the German armed services used this extensively but like the van it was used by all nations as it was such a popular vehicle and so widespread. Several militias appropriated civilian vehicles to use in a military application. Here the Lebanese Army and a civilian decal choice are provided.
As well as a Bundeswehr version of course. All schemes are picked by the guys behind the AMMO brand.
The decals
Again from the CAD's you can see the planned details with open cab and tray - a pretty adaptable kit - how long till someone puts a cannon on top of it?

WWI Heavy Tank w/Rear Mortar Mark.IV
Male Tadpole
Scale: 1:35
Takom - Nr. #2015
A adaption of the Mark IV male and female tanks from Takom this release features Workable wheels, suspension and the cement free tracks that a lot of people called for, also included is a small sheet of photo etched parts.
The main difference though of the tadpole is the long extension on the rear that soldiers can mount and fire the mortar in support – the first mobile artillery?
We have the art from the MkIV Hermaphrodite kit as well - a late war design - this is yet another adaptation that is set to round out the MK IV family..

Mk IV Cement Free Workable Tracks
Takom - Nr. #2008X
A relief to all to know is that the kit no’s #2010 and #2015 will all change to use the cement free workable tracks in the kits from now on – so double check before you get an already released kit that you have the easier option. (And no we wouldn’t think you can get these sent to you if you already bought the kit :-( )

These are now available from Takom’s Distributors worldwide