Friday, November 28

Italeri brings out the Devil in us this Christmas

Italeri's latest items that should be here just before Christmas have a few out of the box ideas so we found them interesting and we thought that we would show you what's going to be in store just before Christmas..

Italeri’s October new items

1/12th scale
Decals Sheet + Clear Sheet + Box with Screws, Rope and Other Parts
The one-off racing car “Eldridge", derived from the old Fiat SB4 chassis, became known as Mephistofele for the infernal noise emitted by its powerful aircraft 6-cylinders in-line engine, giving a capacity over 20,000 cm3, not attenuated by exhaust mufflers kept “free” to provide the most significant performance.  
On 12th July 1924 in Arpajon, the Mefistofele, was able to reach, driven by its pilot and designer Ernest Eldrige, the amazing speed, for the time, of 146 miles per hour (over 230 Km/h) and broke the World Land Speed Record achieving an impressive result. The Mefistofele, was characterized by the high back bodywork able to contain the powerful Fiat A-12 liquid-cooled engine and for its structure especially made to achieve the speed record.

 Box contents.


This model, which is unique in terms of technology and accuracy, consists of over 500 pieces to be assembled partially with screws. The bonnet can be open to view the highly detailed engine and it has working steering.

 And here she is completed.

1:56 scale (war gaming scale) 
100% New Moulds with the crewman commander figure included
WWll German Military Vehicle - Easy Assembly kit with acrylic paint, glue and brush. 
Two colour schemes are provided on the decals..
ans here it is made up

Contains 3 Figures
1:35th scale
The Treaty of Versailles forbade the re-construction of the German army. Nevertheless, its commanders evaded the obstacle by introducing vehicles of the civil production, which was not subject to any limitations. Thus they set up entire companies equipped with motor vehicles, developing in this way a “motorized mentality” among the crews. The Zündapp, with a production total of 18.000 units due to its structure which guaranteed easy construction and economical performance. It was considered one of the most modern accomplishments of the age in the field of motorcycle construction. 
Because of its extraordinary qualities, the Zündapp could follow and escort the tank units of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS to all theatres of operations, especially in Russia, since the side car was even furnished with heating for hands and feet of the man. Zündapps were distributed to all units of the armed forces but after 1943, they were replaced by 4-wheel vehicles like the Schwimmwagen.
Two decal choices are provided on the decal sheet 

Upgraded Moulds
1:24th scale
The Stralis Hi-Way is the latest evolution of the famous heavy duties truck produced by Iveco. The Stralis Hi-Way is characterized by several technological and aesthetic improvements compared to previous versions. The cabin offers a completely new design and is equipped with integrated electronic systems able to optimize the on-board comfort and to provide the highest safety standard. The evolution of the Stralis is also characterized by a completely new “powertrain" able to minimize the fuel consumption and the maintenance costs. 
The new engine strength is in fact to stay in line with the new Euro 5 anti-pollution regulation and to keep a very high operation effectiveness in terms of cost of ownership. In 2013 Iveco Stralis Hi-Way won the “International Truck of the Year” award assigned by a pool of journalists of the most important European trucks magazines. 

 Mesh for the radiator grille is included
 Vinyl tyres are included

These kits are now available through Italeri’s distributors worldwide