Wednesday, November 12

Review build Pt V: Zoukei-Mura’s Horten Ho 229 - the Horten with no clothes…

Just before we sealed here up we thought we would show you an option for displaying your Horten Ho 229. The “skeletal” approach is on display today in the first of three galleries of the kit in a finished state…

Review build: Zoukei Mura’s Horten Ho 229
1/32nd Scale
Plastic Model Kit (No P/E or resin parts)
19 sprues of grey and clear plastic
Decals for two versions with many numbers.
This kit is now on sale at Volks directly at this link or their distributors worldwide.

We have got our Horten in the state just before it is all sealed up. Wings and fuselage together, tail…. Well there isn’t any tail so let’s put it all in place in one of the three modes of display for this kit. The “skeleton” of ribs, spars and pipes that make this aircraft’s under skin are the subject of this gallery.
We thought we would test fit the aircraft in it’s four securing points ( just like the real thing) and see how it sits in place, It actually is seen here without the pins in place – so the fit is very tight and secure. We did think it was worth showing to you as so many people may get to this stage and decide that all the work is more than worth it. 

Several line drawings of this exposed aircraft exist, and so when seeing them you  know this is something like Zoueki-Mura was looking at in their plans.
Ours is going to be a little worn but in good condition aircraft just like it would look in action. We didn’t want to do heaps of wear just a little..
So now you can see one way of displaying your Horten so none of the detail you have laved on will be lost. We are putting together the clear skin on our and polishing it so you can see through it a lot better - that is in the next few days and we will keep you updated as soon as the skin is on.
Adam Norenberg

This kit is now on sale at Volks directly at this link – Also check out “ZM’s Old Man Blog” for more details on the company's musings as well!