Wednesday, November 12

Verlinden's November re-issues fill some holes in your dio stash...

Verlinden thinks it is time to see what you might have been missing out on – December’s latest items feature a few things you may or not be familiar with - but all are newly cast and in stock again after long not being available. Let’s have a look…

Verlinden's Latest Items in November 2014

1:32 Scale / 54mm
Almost a likely for of the charging Roman we looked at last month, this enraged Viking warrior is cast in 1/32nd scale or 54mm for the purists. He is made from cream resin that you can see has been painted up pretty well and detailed in such a small scale. 
Pigtails blowing and sword raised, he charges forward in chain mail armour and a casque round shaped helmet studded and ribbed for extra strength. He certainly looks pretty tough for such a small guy. He also comes with the small base he is pictured on.

1:16 Scale /120mm           
This officer of the Afrika Korps is seen cautiously advancing checking his flank as he does so. The figure is seen in a hunched pose quietly making his way forward as he goes, Mp-40 submachine gun in hand and stick grenades  tucked into his belt he is ready for action if needs be. 
He is cast in cream resin in the larger 1/16th scale or 120mm. Big enough to see the Iron cross on his chest, his Infantry assault badge and the details on his belt buckle clearly enough. With the ranks on his shoulder boards he could be a captain or Hauptmann or even a sergeant with some painting work.

1:35 Scale
Probably 100% organic and not processed, with responsible packaging, this lot of German groceries in cream resin will serve you well in any dioramas, you could even use some of their distinctive shaped food containers in a captured scenario as – well containers were containers no matter who owned them! 
Barrels, wicker baskets, cheese sausages root vegetables, bottles and tins are all in this set of foodstuffs. A very handy set to own..

1:35 Scale
Ruined buildings are a staple of the dioramas from Verlinden and this ruined factory corner is made from cream resin for easy assembly and also a bonus of safe passage in the post than plaster!

Now only if we had some rubble to go along with this factory hey?

1:35th Scale
These 100 resin bricks in 35th scale are just the thing to include into a ruined factory or any other ruined building you have in your building queue. They sure do save you a lot of work yourself!

All of these are now available on the Verlinden site.