Sunday, December 14

Italeri is thinking big with small kits in January..

Italeri has lots of new items for January – and most of them are so small they will still make a big impact. There are several unique 72nd scale releases as well as a new roadblock for modern warfare setting as well as a quarter scale Wessex to Whet the appetite- all in today’s preview…

Italeri’s January 2015 new items

Wessex HAS. 1
1/48- scale
The Wessex, in its various versions, was widely used in the 60s and 70s by the British forces. Directly derived from the American Sikorsky S-58 "Choctaw" it was produced under license by the British company Westland since the late '50s. More in detail, the Wessex HAS 1, initially produced for the Royal Navy, was characterized by significant capabilities in all-weather operations and able of being an effective anti-submarine platform. 
Compared to its predecessor, the Westland Whirlind, the Wessex is a decisive improvement with grater offensive load capacity and a much better reliability. One of the main differences from Sikorsky’s S-58 was the replacement of the piston engine powerplant with an innovative – for the age – turboshaft Rolls-Royce Gazelle engine. 

Decals for 4 versions in RAF service

Road Block and U.S. Soldiers
1/35th scale
Something to add to all of the modern accessories Italeri have been making recently is this Road block and US soldiers – all new moulds make this an interesting proposition for modellers who want a fresh take on modern war.

Contains: 4 figures, decals sheet, check point container and accessories

German Motorcycles
1/72nd scale
These German Motorcycles in 72nd scale will be TINY! – They are however a great addition for those who want more than just more tanks in small scale – expect these to be popular!

Comes with a motorbike and 8 figures.

German Paratroops. (Tropical)
1/ 72nd scale 
Again more small scale novelties with these new German Paratroops (tropical) to add maybe to your new desert duelling bikes? There are 48 parras in all here – more than enough for many a battle scene.. 

U.S.Infantry (Winter Unif.)
1/72nd scale  
These U.S. Infantry (Winter Uniforms make these a chilly counterpoint to all those warm Germans we have been looking at – there are 46 GI’s here to stem the big push in the Ardennes or anywhere cold for that matter!

Pz. Kpfw. V Panther Ausf.G –
Fast Assembly -
Contains Two Fast Assembly Models
1/72nd scale 
The Panther was one of the most efficient and famous vehicles of WWII. It was created together with the well-known tank mark VI Tiger. This tank entered service in 1943 supporting the Mark IV tanks, which had difficulties to oppose the onslaught of Soviet T-34 tanks on the Eastern front. 
During the following two years of the war this powerful tank was present in all war zones: Italy, France as well as during the final battles on German soil. It proved its qualities against its adversaries, from Sherman to Stalin.
These kits are now available through Italeri’s distributors worldwide