Monday, December 15

A bunch of new kits have pulled up at the Hobbyboss depot in December…

Hobbyboss has started to send images of their latest kits yet again – just in time for Christmas are these crackers – hopefully they hit the shops so you can start dropping your own hints in time…

Hobbyboss new items for December 2014/Jan 2015

Model: #83816
1:35th Scale
Model dimensions            Length: 130.5mm    Width: 59.3mm
The total number of parts           380 +
14 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and tires
     From 1935 to 1944, Nazi Germany developed a series of 4X4 armoured vehicles that they used as a troop of light reconnaissance vehicle.  It used standard sPkw I Horch 801 type heavy truck chassis and made use of a polygon shaped armoured body and turret.

The rear of the engine is 67 kW ( 90 hp) Horch 3.5- litre gasoline engine, road speed of 80 km/hour ,and a cross-country speed of 40 km / h , a full radius of range of about 300 kilometres on roads and less cross country. Initially attached to an armoured reconnaissance battalion, the European countries had a good network of roads, so this type’s poor mobility weakness was not a factor. After the fall of France  through to the African and Eastern campaigns in Russia this problem became more apparent and so it was replaced by the more rugged Sd .kfz 250 half-track.

Model details:      
-   Fully Detailed Interior
- Multi-directional slide Moulded Upper hull
- Two-directional slide Moulded Lower hull
- Four Rubber Tires w / Fine Detail
- Photo-Etched Parts included

Model: #83825
1:35th Scale
Model dimensions            Length: 110mm    Width: 65.5mm
 total number of parts           300+
15 sprues and lower hull
brass wire included
The soviet T-40 is based on the T-37 and T-38 model but with ​​some improvements. Horizontal springs used on the T-38 suspension were replaced by more advanced torsion bar suspension with four road wheels. Rocker body welding fabrication meant that the designers needed to rely on the T-37 and T-38 riveted body. Conical turret welded to some extent improved the protection, although the armour was still very thin. A machine equipped with a 2.7 mm DShK heavy machine gun, improving over the T-38 which used the 7.62 mm DT machine gun.

The Kit Consists of over 300 Parts
-   Multi-directional slide Moulded Turret & Lower hull
-   Photo-Etched Parts included
- 182 Individual Tracks Links 

Model: #81719
1:48th Scale
Model dimensions            Length: 213 mm    Wingspan: 219mm
total number of parts 120+
10 sprues
By the end of the 30’s the new enemy fighters raised concerns for there to be a new Luftwaffe fighter to meet heightened requirements. Built by Kurt Dr. Tank the proposed design scheme eventually evolved into the Fw-190 series of aircraft. This aircraft is considered one of the best fighters in World War II and with its excellent performance it soon replaced the original Messerschmitt Bf-109 fighter in several roles.

       The D-12 type is D-11 type at the same time the development of improved models. It is equipped with a 30 mm MK108 coaxial machine gun and 20 mm MG151 / 20 guns, the aircraft used type the same Jumo 213F engine as the D-11. The D-12 prototype was tested at a height of 9150 meters of altitude and it reached 730KPH in flight tests.
The Kit consists of over 120 Parts, including 5 Clear Parts
-Detailed Fuselage & Wing w / Accurate Design
-Detailed Gear cabin
Photo Etched Parts included

Model: 85506
Model Scale: 1:35
Model dimensions            Length: 247.8 mm    Width: 79mm 
The total number of parts           510+
12 sprues and tires 
KrAZ-255B truck was in production from 1965, until 1967, it was a direct replacement for the early production of KrAZ-214 truck. KrAZ-255B (B1) is followed by an important modification, a modification of the brake system. KrAZ-255B and KrAZ-214 looks somewhat similar, but it has more engine power, with a V-shaped twelve-cylinder diesel engine of 240 horsepower inline six-cylinder, two-stroke diesel engine instead of KrAZ-214 on. Other design improvements include replacing hydraulic power steering pressure KrAZ-214 device, and the KrAZ-214 standard 14.00- 20 tires have been replaced by a new type of wide tires, the tire deflation system with a central compressor can be made to inflate and deflate the tyres with remotec control from the driver. By 1976, KrAZ-255B with a new dual brake system to replace the earlier one-way system for vehicles such improvements was given KrAZ-255B (B1) name.
Detailed Multi-directional slide-Moulded cab
>   Complete assembly with drive Train Engine Transmission, Differential   Housing and Suspension units.
>   The main Hollow Rubber Tires are very good with Tread pattern
>   Wheel Hubs are in great details
>   The Windshield and Side Windows Parts are made ​​of Clear.
>   Photo-Etched Parts included
All of these kits will be available through Hobbyboss’ Distributors worldwide this month...