Tuesday, December 16

Pegaso pumping out four new figures in one month out for Christmas....

New items for all of you “Pegasians” for the month of December some medieval warriors and a modern Mohawk are amongst the four new kits just in time for December…

New items for December 2014 from Pegaso

Pirate Captain
“Elite Series”
Sculptor Roberto De Meo
Painter: Paolo Maruotti
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 16
Weight: 300
Price:€ 42,15
ARRR – this rapscallion from the seven seas is attired in his finest of regalia and a large feather as well as being armed to the tooth.
Hi large curved blaaaade and handy pistol tucked into his belt with his large puss in boots style footwear make him look like a rogue of the seven seas – he might have had a few ales in the pub so if you want to know where the treasure is he might not know where it  aaaarrrreeeeeee!!

Livonian Knight XIII century
Sculptor Andrea Jula
Painter: Pietro Balloni
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 9
Weight: 380gms
Size: 75mm
Scale: 1:24th
Price: € 37,19
This Teutonic knight of the Livonian order of the 13th century was one of the deadliest men to have faced in Central Europe at the time. Their band was from an area now identified as Estonia and Latvia in central Europe and though the order was feared in the middle ages after the main body of the Teutonic Knights came into decline after the Battle of Grunwald in 1410 and the secularization of its Prussian territories by Albert of Brandenburg in 1525. 
The Livonian Order managed to maintain an independent existence until it’s own demise with infighting, some decisive defeats and in the end the converted to Lutheranism if you can believe it!
Sculptor Andrea Jula
Material: White Metal
Scale: 1:32
This is a special edition that includes a colour plate by Andrea Jula. The first 99 buyers will find the table signed by the artist in the package.

Sculptor John Rosengrant
PAINTER: Diego Ruina
Material: Resin
pieces: 26
weight: 360gms
size: 200mm
Price:€ 131,40
This airborne specialist of the 101st is seen sporting stripey Mohawk haircut and really looking pretty mean in his jump boots and bloused trousers tucked into his boots. He carries the M1 Garand rifle and also the colt pistol in its holster. He certainly looks bad-ass.
Oww we forgot the knife in his boots – the bandoleers of spare M1 ammo around his chest and medical pack, water flask and entrenching tool as well as a full backpack and lastly his netted steel helmet.
This bad man of the Airborne and his buddies is now available in Pegaso’s online store