Tuesday, December 30

This lady has problems with her gas! Andrea Miniature's Latest Pin-up

Andrea Miniatures has has released the balloons - to a tragic effect for this young Pin-up figure - she looks like getting carried away with the celebrations. Let's have a look at this new figure and the unboxing video in today's preview...

Andrea Miniature December 2014 figure...

Naughty Balloons
80 mm 1/22
13 white metal casting parts and 4 resin parts for assembly and painting. 
Balloon wire included.
Newest of the Pin-up series from Andrea Miniatures is a case of a young lady with gas problems! This maiden is filling up a little too much on helium and looks to be showing off because of it…
The figure is made up primarily of thirteen parts of white metal but also four parts in resin as well and she is cast in the usual pin up scale of 1/22nd scale.
She includes not only the stool but the gas cylinder as well – I think it’s pretty cool to see how the strings of the balloons work- right under the figure - it will be a bit of construction but worth it in the end result.
Check out this video of the unboxing of the kit to see just how intricate this figure really is!
Regular kit price: $67,33
High quality painting by skilled Andrea painters including full lighting and shadowing processes: $397,86

These are now available at the Andrea Miniatures Website.