Monday, December 29

Verlinden re-releases some old out of stock favourites for the new year…

Once again Verlinden thinks it is time to see what you might have been missing out on – December’s latest items feature a few things you may or not be familiar with - but all are newly cast and in stock again after long not being available. Let’s have a look…

Verlinden's Latest Items in December 2014

This Celtic Warrior from Verlinden is cast in 1/32nd scale (54mm) from ten cream resin parts and included not only the figure but a base – and did we say it also includes two heads?

To heads because this fearsome dude I holding aloft the head of his enemy (we hope it is the enemy.) This Celtic warrior is seen screaming as he holds aloft the severed head of his fallen foe – it really does take you back to a time where this was an all too common site on the battlefields..

“Fat Herman” as he was known by allied and German Pilts alike is captured here in this sixteen part cream resin sculpt from Verlinden in  120mm or 1/16th scale. Field Marshall Göering is seen here with his Field Marshal’s baton aloft in salute – he does look like he is walking down the parade ground with his full dress uniform on.
A well-known scene to some already – this visage of an US GI standing over a pillbox in world war II – he leans forward as he investigates with his Thompson machine gun at the ready.Included in this vignette is of course the groundwork that this pillbox sits on with some strewn ammo boxes out he back.

What it says on the tin really – one hundred nuts and bolts in two sizes are included in this pack. Made for 1/35th scale dioramas these would be brilliant in a workshop or factory environment

A perfect addition to your new Tamiya or Takom WWI tank in 1/35th scale – these two Strumtruppen look like all they attacking right now is the bottle! The two figures are added to with a pack and a grenade, entrenching tool and steel helmet – all of which these shock troops were well known for using to full effect – when they weren’t kicking back like they surely are in this scene that is!

All of these are now available on the Verlinden site