Wednesday, January 7

A New Year and all new items from Verlinden!

Verlinden’s New Year brings a bunch of all new items to our working bench. Five new kits are here to add to a variety of scenes you are making in your mind – now let’s get making them in reality!

Verlinden January 2015 all-New items

1/32nd scale (or 54mm)
This roman javelin thrower is seen in an exchange with enemy “artillery” as he covers himself with a round shield in able to launch one of his javelins back at the enemy. This kit is made from twenty nine parts of cream resin and plastic rod that not only makes the soldier and his chainmail armour and steel helmet but also the shield and arrows sticking in it, also his gladius in it’s sheath and his quiver of javelins. Of course Verlinden add the groundwork so you can make him in his own vignette if you like.

1:35th scale
Does your workbench look like this? It might of if you were a blacksmith! Kit # 816 “blacksmith’s workshop” will be useful form modellers creating any scene from the middle ages through till now. Any place they might have had bricks and barrels. There are in total twenty two parts in cream resin along with some plastic rod and copper wire included here. They make two barrels, an anvil and stump as well as a large workbench with tools and lastly a bricked furnace and dipping trough.

1:35th scale
You may think you already have this in your collection but kit No#2817 is an all new set of ten nuts and ten bolts in a much larger size than the older kits you might be familiar with – the 100 nuts 100 are bolts are made from resin and although we cannot tell you if they are metric or imperial they should help your diorama scene out with some “debris” in the workshop.

1:35th scale
WE now have the power to recreate a modern(ish) street side transformer station in cream resin in 35th scale.  The kit is made up of sixty-two parts of cream resin, plastic rod/plastic flex tubing that makes not only the metal poles but the conductor coils and the metal cabinets the electrical gizos are hidden it. We also get a base of resin “concrete” and of course some wiring to add to the scene.

1:35th scale
Something that would not be out of place with the “2819 Street Transformer Station” set – this set of modern steel cable reels could be placed like these as empty reels or full of cable if you wish. The twelve parts in cream resin are a good counterpart to Verlinden’s alder wooden style cable drums as well.

All of these products are now available on the Verlinden website at the links above..

Keep an eye out on the Verlinden Facebook site as Francois is updating it with new items in creation for the new year as well as some of his diorama work all of the time.