Tuesday, January 6

Takom's bog wheels keep on turning as they roll out in a convooooooyyyyy!

If you like big bulky trucks then these two new kits from Takom in 35th scale might move you – We have some info on them in our preview..

New kits from Takom in late January 2015

KrAZ-260 Truck
Scale: 1/35
Release Date: After Late Jan
Expected price $65 USD
Takom’s new Russian truck in 35th scale of KrAZ-260 which was in service during the late 1980s until 1999 (and probably later still).  The overall appearance of the KrAZ-260 is similar to that of the earlier KrAZ-255B but the bonnet is more angular to accommodate the turbocharged diesel engine, and the overall dimensions are slightly larger. As far as can be determined the KrAZ-260 was produced for military service only and as apparently not been delivered to armed forces outside the Soviet Union. 
The model will feature a full interior cab with workable steering and clear parts for the windows and glass. The doors will be able to open and close and we know that there will be four marking types supplied with this truck.

KrAZ-6446 Tractor + ChMZAP-5247G Semi-trailer
Manufacturer : Takom
Scale: 1/35
Item code: TKO2019
Release Date: Late Jan
Expected Price: $94 USD

This kit represents the Ukrainian KrAZ-6446 tractors and ChMZAP-5247G semi-trailers of the 1990s
Inside of the cab you will find a fully reproduced interior whilst underneath the wheels will be workable and possibly with the front wheels being able to be fully turning as well. There are clear window and some photo etch included as well.
Marking options are three types for this truck and trailer but I suppose there are endless markings with how far and wide these trucks and trailers were used.

Both of these great looking Modern Truck kits will be available from Takom’s Distributors in late January