Tuesday, January 20

Panda Hobby's BMD-2 -The test kit build is already here...

 To compliment their very nice little kit of the 1/35th scale BMD-1 that we built here on the news recently Panda Hobby have up-gunned to the BMD-2 light airborne tank - and today we have some new pictures of the test kit built up by kittyhawk in our preview..

Panda Hobby February Release..
Russian BMD-2 Airborne Fighting Vehicle
1/35th scale
Includes: Plastic sprues,
Photo etch
Waterslide decals
Release eta – Feb 2015
Designed to be used by airborne and mobile troops right out of the back of an Antonov An-12 the BMD-1 is a Soviet airborne amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle, which was introduced in 1969 and first seen by the West in 1970. The BMD-2 is a Soviet airborne infantry fighting vehicle, introduced in 1985. It is a variant of BMD-1 with a new turret and some changes done to the hull

Some of the kit details in close up
The Boyevaya Mashina Desanta (Боевая Машина Десанта,) literally "Combat Vehicle of the Airborne” was a low profile armoured tank that can be dropped by parachute or unloaded from a small cargo plane or heavy helicopter Like the Mil 28. Although it resembles the BMP-1 it is in fact much smaller. The BMD-1 was used as an IFV by the Soviet Army's airborne divisions. An improved variant of BMD-1 was developed, the BMD-2. The BMD-1 also provided a basis for the BTR-D airborne multi-purpose tracked APC.
Lucky for us we have some great pictures of the test kit assembled from Kittyhawk - these shots show the kit from all angles in it's entirety
...and the finer details - photo etch, hollow gun barrels, tools, poseable hatches, sights and missile launcher and track detail there for you to obsess over..
Seems that someone has theirs already! Check out Panda Hobby’s website for more info on this lovely little tank – it is available in February 2015