Wednesday, January 21

Could this be the best box art in the world? Takom's Ratte & Maus with Lynx boxarts to further get you going...

Takom have been really busy – to add to the two large trucks we saw today we also have three German tanks to add to their Jan/Feb release schedule. A super looking kit of the modern 35th scale “Luchs” scout tank and the Super heavy combo of the “Maus” German tank and the still even mightier P-1000 Landkreuzer or “Ratte” – both in 1/144th scale for when going large is still possible on a normal workbench. Let’s see what there is so far..

Two new German kits from Takom for Feb 2015

German P-1000 Landkreuzer & Maus combo kit
1:144th scale
Code: 3001
Price: $45
ETA Feb.
The kit offers two of the largest tanks even in one of the smallest scales! The mighty “Maus” German tank and the still even mightier P-1000 Landkreuzer or “Ratte” – both in 1/144th scale so they do not crowd your workbench! 
Two tank sin one box are supplied with both kits included with photo etch and rotating turrets and elevating guns and several different marking choices. Both spurious no doubt so the choice is endless really isn’t it? 

German SpPz 2 "Luchs" A1/A2 Armoured Car
1:35th scale
Code: 2017
Price: $63
In this kit you get the choice of either the A1 or A2 versions of the “Luchs” – with two types of roadwheels, hull, tool layout, and front exit hatch and turret detail.
The full chassis underneath the kit is fully workable and all of the wheels steer and springs work just as they would on the real thing. The detail in these shots is pretty impressive.
With PE and clear parts as well as markings for four versions this injection moulded kit should be with us in February.

Both of these great looking Modern Truck kits will be available from Takom’s Distributors in late January