Friday, March 27

Bronco's New kit News – Red Devils, CROWS & a couple of wacky Germans...

We have some new add-ons to some diorama ideas you were thinking about – a “luft 46” concept, some “CROWS” to sit on the top of your Humvee, a German popgun as big as the trailer it sits on and a bunch of Paras who all seem to turn up at once. See what we are rambling on about in our preview…

Bronco’s five new April/May 2015 Releases

WWII British Paratroops in Action Set A
1/35th scale
4 figures included

A set of four British “Red Devil” Paratroopers is the subject of this set – Wile three are on foot one has managed to grab a push bike to make the journey a little more rapid.  All of these paras and the “B” set are seen in full jump/battle gear with ammo and Lee Enfield rifles.

WWII British Paratroops in Action Set B
1/35th scale
3 figures included

These red devils are seen in a set of three soldiers – one riding the supplied Wellbike, another taking his from the canister and another carrying some ammo on an ordinance cart. These two sets will match their other Para sets which have us hanging out for the Horsa glider to arrive.

1/35th scale

To match the Buffalo, Humvee or other MRAP kits on the market bronco have their new version of the XM153 CROWS II remote control self-defence system as seen on newer vehicles. This will save some money on resin conversions – or better still trying to make it yourself…

2.8cm sPzB141
On Larger Steel-Wheeled Carriage w/Trailer

1/35th scale

Another version of the neat little Bronco kit of the 2.8cm sPzB41 mounted on a larger steel wheeled carriage with trailer is also a new arrival – expect to see these towed behind a halftrack near you!

BV P178 Jet bomber W/BT700 Guided Missile Torpedo
1/72nd scale
Lastly we have the companion to the Blohm & Voss P-178 Jet Dive bomber concept – this one is loaded with a sea-going aerial torpedo for causing havoc amongst shipping. If it’s anything like the earlier kit it will be a beauty – expect this one to sell well!

We will bring you more from Bronco on this kit and all of their others as soon as we have the info.. Expect these to hit around April/May 2015. For more info check out the Bronco Models Website.