Friday, March 27

The 1/48th scale UH-IY from Kittyhawk has a touching story attached to it...

Kittyhawk is closer to their release of the popular UH-1Y in 1/48th scale - The box art is impressive and it carries a lovely story of the crew who passed whilst flying in this bird. Let's have a look at the colours included in the box and the story of the Marines who served in her.
1/48th Scale
Released in April
Both of the AH-1Z & UH-1Y are probably the ultimate expressions of both of these popular helicopters – Both of them were not really kitted yet in the standard that we would all like to see - so these are a welcome addition. 
There is a touching story attached to the helicopters in this box. We got an email from Glen from Kittyhawk and we thought it was best to just quote him to tell the story of the Marines who passed away while flying in her. This kit is dedicated to ALL of the USMC soldiers past and present.

“Hi All
This kit is dedicated not only to the 2 Marine pilots mentioned on box but all the Marine pilots out there.
This was decided by me with the help of Floyd Werner.
We were designing this kit in these colors when the 2 pilots were killed flying this ship.
 So with the blessing of the Marine Squadron Commander we continued in development.
The first kit available, I will send to Floyd. He will build it, and then it will be displayed at CHQ at camp Pendleton on west coast
In honour of the two hero's that lost their lives. "FREEDOM is not FREE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................”

Markings included in this boxing
Here is the newest Huey built up- the UH-IY from Kittyhawk with the Cobra AH-IZ "Viper" that will be released at the end of this month. (April 2015)
A blurry-ish shot from inside (sorry there isn't a better pic) - but what i do see looks good with all of the modern Instrument panels. 
And here she is - deck cleared ready to fly out to the hobby shops!
We will give you more information on this great new kit as soon as it lands…