Saturday, April 4

Hobbyboss’ new May madness - three new kits for us big kids..

Hobbyboss has three new items for release in the May - a Luftwaffe torpedo slinger in a popular scale, a Russian prime mover and a German mini metal box with a french bottom. We thought you would want a look at the sprues and markings in today’s preview…

Hobbyboss new items for May 2015

Russian ZIS-151 military truck
Model#: 83845
Model Scale: 1:35 
ZiS-151 is the former Soviet Union in 1947-65, production of GM trucks, from the Gisborne car plant. In 1956, the factory was renamed "Jill," and the new production of the truck was ZiL-151
    ZiS-151 is the most important truck of the immediate post-war period for the former Soviet Union after World War II. Made to replace the US lend lease trucks and early ZiS-6 truck. There were quickly a large number of these built, including trailers and other special models. The former Soviet Union also found that the truck can be used as BM-13 "Katyusha" rocket launch platform ideal. 1958 ZiL-151 began to be superseded by the ZIL-157 model which featured the larger single rear of tires, rather than the same ZiL-151 double rear wheels. 
Model Features   
Model dimensions Length: 198.5mm - Width: 67.3mm
The total number of parts 250+
10 sprues, cabin and tires
The Kit Consists of over 250 Parts
Multi-slide Moulded cabin
Photo Etched Parts included
Rubber Tires

German Pz.Kpfw.35 R 731 (f) 50 mm self-propelled anti-tank gun
Model#: 83808
Model Scale: 1:35
The Renault R35 was one of the better WWII French light infantry tanks. Produced from 1933-1936. It was used as a light infantry support tank, and in independent tank battalions where it was often reassigned to infantry divisions to help them attack. To this end, it had relatively good armour, but it was slow and, due to the use of short tube 37 mm gun it was insufficient in any anti-tank capacity World War II,
After the outbreak of war, because of the lack of anti-tank capability these tanks were given a more powerful long-barrelled gun and it was re-designated as the Renault R40. About 1685 vehicles were completed before production was finished. The R35/40 was the main equipment of the French army during the Battle of France. R35 was also exported to Poland, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia as well as some smaller numbers to other countries. During the war, Germany and her allies used captured R35/40’s which were used as tank destroyers.
Model Features   
Model dimensions Length: 141.5mm - Width: 55.3mm  
The total number of parts 500+
14 sprues and hull      
The Kit Consists of over 500 Parts
Multi-directional slide Moulded Turret   w / Fine Detail
Photo-Etched Parts included

German Fw-190D-12 R14
Model: 81720
Model Scale: 1:48 
By end of the 30’s the Luftwaffe of Germany was after new fighters with increasingly better performance. Dr Kurt. Tank a proposed design scheme that eventually evolved into the Fw-190 series aircraft. This was an aircraft that is considered one of the best fighters in World War II. With its excellent low level and ground attack performance it soon replaced the original Messerschmitt Bf-109 fighter in those roles.
Fw-190D-12 R14 is a D-12 type aircraft was meant to carry the long aerial torpedo for maritime attack roles. It was also installed with the Ta 152 and D-10 types with a large vertical tail. Aircraft also had a coaxial MK108 30 mm machine gun in the nose and an ETC504 the bomb rack mount LT1b or LTF5b torpedoes.
Model Features   
Model dimensions       Length: 213mm    Wingspan: 219mm
The total number of parts      110+
The total number of offset      10 sprues
Etched Parts     1 pc
Kit consists of over 110 parts, including 5 Clear Parts
-Detailed Fuselage & Wing w / Accurate Design
-Detailed Gear cabin
PHOTO Etched Parts included
All of these kits will be available through Hobbyboss’ Distributors worldwide this month...