Friday, April 3

Hobbyworld’s Propaganda Review…

Propaganda posters have long been a source of inspiration and derision. Used but all nations and regimes, these posters have been captured in 1/35th scale in a series of books from the publisher of Hobbyworld magazine. We have three of them for review in today’s news...
HobbyWorld’s propaganda poster books
1/35th scale
34 pages Portrait format.
Ring binding
1 BOOK €9.95. Pack 3 books 24.95€ more shipping charges. Limited units.
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You have seen them before. Posters of propaganda pictures in dioramas. Many companies make these in small sheets, maximizing profit for each one bay setting them out in a country or region basis. It would be nice to have a bunch of these in reserve without paying the earth for each different set wouldn’t it?
Now the publisher of the “Hobbyworld” magazine has made just what the modeller’s ordered. We have for review three of these books full of propaganda posters in 1/35th scale. They look very interesting to us so what better way to show you what they are like than a review?

Hobbyworld have tried to make a comprehensive collection of posters and different printed material from a certain timeframe in one book. World War I, World War II and a Modern Warfare (it says WWIII – eek!) –Three books that house multitudes of prints of famous posters to enrich your models, scenes and dioramas.
These books come in an A4 size with easy to use spiral binding which enables you to cut them out of the book easily and for long, ponderous examination of each of the posters. Some of which you will need a magnifying glass to see properly.

Although these prints are in 1/35th scale they are sized in the noted sizes of A2, A3 & A4. Three sizes for each poster and they look to me to be in great quality no matter how small they seem to get.
Indeed the posters do get very small. A4 size in 1/35th scale is TINY – so they will work as smaller posters in 1/48th and 1/72ndscales as well. Basically having these in three different sizes each enables you to use these for each of you scale dioramas.

Because no writing is in the book let’s have a look at each of them in turn. I have included an overview of what is in each book..

WWI The Great War Propaganda Posters
WW1 French Propaganda Posters.
WW1 Australia Propaganda Posters.
WW1 Canada Propaganda Posters.
WW1 United Kingdom Propaganda Posters.
WW1 Russian Empire Propaganda Posters.
WW1 Italy Propaganda Posters.
WW1 USA Propaganda Posters.
WW1 Germany Propaganda Posters.
WW1 Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Ottoman Empire Propaganda Posters.
 And a cool picture of the time is on the rear cover..

WWII Propaganda Posters
WW2 Germany Propaganda Posters.
WW2 United Kingdom Propaganda Posters.
WW2 French Propaganda Posters.
WW2 USA Propaganda Posters.
WW2 Soviet Union Propaganda Posters.
WW2 Italy Propaganda Posters.
WW2 Chinese, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Posters.
WW2 Norway Propaganda Posters.
Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Australia & Canada 

WW III / Modern Warfare Propaganda Posters
North Vietnamese Propaganda Posters.
China Vietnam War Propaganda Posters.
Cuba / Soviet Vietnam War Posters.
USA Vietnam Propaganda Posters.
Korean War USA Propaganda Posters.
North Korean War Posters.
South Korean War Posters.
Mujahedeen Soviet-Afghanistan War.
Soviet Union Soviet-Afghanistan War. Posters.
USA Modern Era Propaganda Posters.
Egypt Revolution Propaganda Posters.
Libyan War Posters.
Syrian War Posters.
Ukrainian Revolution Propaganda Posters.
Well that is it – each of these really do what they say on the tin. You cut them out, place a little watered down glue on them and they will secure to a well quite well.

Cheap, easy to use with a handy ring binder, these are probably the best option I have seen for this type of material.

Great work HobbyWorld!

Adam Norenberg

You can order these from the  website of “Hobbyworld” magazine